Battery Lock Screen Widget for iPhone14

So, I was just checking out lock screen widgets for iPhone14 and came across this handy widget … one that shows battery level for my Phonak Lumity aids. Much handier than starting up the MyPhonak app to check battery level. I would guess the widget would work for any Bluetooth-enabled aid.


It would be iOS related (iOS 16.##), not phone model. Which my iPhone 13 Pro is capable of showing ‘Lockscreen Widgets’. However, my Nadia P90 UP 675’s don’t show the available widget in the lockscreen. This probably means that it only work for MFA hearing aids, which are mine are not (but are ‘Roger Direct’ & Bluetooth-enabled).

Non-rechargeable batteries don’t show battery levels in the My Phonak app.

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Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

I have Phonak Audeo p90s. So not mfi. Here is my lock screen with my 14 yo scruffy old deaf dog. (He can hear claps, but that’s about all.)

The head set symbol is for my HAs.

Not sure what to tell you.


Do you see battery status in other places in iOS for them?

Maybe rechargeable HAs only? I dunno.



No, I don’t even see in it in the current version of the Phonak app.

Yeah, agree, most likely a Rechargeable HA thing. Would be nice to have, instead of waiting for the deadly beeps.

I am seeing the charging degree of my rechargeable in my iPad, it’s not an iPhone though…