Battery Life

Can someone tell me if tuning down the volume on my hearing aid (I have a remote) at night before I remove it will prolong the battery life (312 type)?

I am in Mexico for 5 weeks and have worn aids only once or twice a week…aids off, doors open, and batteries died same as usual, about 6-7days out.

turning down the volume I would think would be a microscopic if any improvement. even if you had a mute program your battery is still ‘on’. I remove my batteries when I take my HAs out at night.

once you pull the sticker off of the battery the clock starts running.

Yes, this should have been covered in your fitting, but you definitely want to turn off your hearing aids when you’re not wearing them by opening the battery doors.

Of course, this wouldn’t apply to rechargeable batteries (which I’ll cover since I’ve seen you discuss them recently). With the SIEMENS models I’ve worked with they automatically turn off as soon as you place them in the charging unit (leaving the battery doors closed).

But turning them off is better.

ps :
The higher the volume, the more amplification and the more your HAs have to work to amplify. That uses more battery power.

ps: Any battery will run down in time.
But the guy from Mexico needs to switch to a different battery if his run down when they are out of the HA is that fast.

thanks for this information.