Battery life suddenly very bad in right aid

I have the GN Resound Linx2 TS 62 STD RIC, which I got after trying the ITE with the 312 battery, and not only was it barely capable of streaming music from my iPhone, the aids couldn’t even talk to each other, so got the external larger model, which has the large battery and antenna…and was working fine.

However, about a week ago I have started having greatly-decreased battery life, with the low battery warning in the right aid sounding after only 2 days of wear (~11 hours a day or thereabouts). The battery indicators in the iPhone or Resound App, which…have never really been that great (indicates full, then dead, about that fast). It is always the right ear that the battery dies first in (and I can switch the battery, and it IS dead, so, it’s not the aid. I’ve also noticed that the music streaming requires batteries to be put in right before you want to use, not able to work for a few exercise cycles (I generally walk 2 miles, about 40 min, or do some gym exercises for about the same length of time.

I thought perhaps it had something to do with the iPhone or Apple Watch, so removed the Resound App from both, and changed the hearing aids settings to not do anything (so can’t stream), but, still having the problem.

Is this just a bad right aid, or is the right one doing some kind of streaming or transmitting unbeknown to me, or…is it maybe just bad? Is there a reset of the aid, so I can maybe start if off programmed, but, with no streaming or transmitting?



Sounds like a bad few batteries. I have had this happen occasionally. Sometimes just 2 batteries out of a card of six batteries or sometimes just one. Mostly all six on a card are fine. Had about three either dead/near dead or one lasted only a couple of days out of a card of forty from Costco. Try a different batch of batteries. Also any programming sessions will really reduce battery life.

I’m not sure, like I said, it always seems fine for the battery in the left aid–would think if bad batteries, I would at times have the LEFT side be bad. Also, I noticed that when I do something on my iPhone that causes audio to stream to the aids, when I disconnect or stop it, the right aid might go bad, and I have to open the battery holder, wait a few seconds, then close it to make it work again. The icon on the hearing aid app has the battery (both of which were fully solid) fully grayed out for the right one. And, when I do the “find you hearing aid” check (and I’m wearing them), the right aid signal is much lower than the left one. I think something is broke, and I probably have to get it repaired…


In your original post you said that switching the battery to the other aid proved it was dead and the problem was not the aid. Now you seem to be saying the opposite. I think you need to figure out in your own mind which events you are actually experiencing or even your audiologist will have trouble knowing what is going on. The first troubleshooting step is usually to change the battery. If that does not work switch to a different batch of batteries. If there is still a problem then return to the place where you bought them for assistance.

My bad…I just edited to clarify, thanks for letting me know. What I meant was that the battery in the left side has NEVER done this, so, if bad batteries, it would seem that I would have to, at some time, had a bad battery in the left aid, not just in the right one. And, the fact that the find my aid signal is always a lot lower on the right one than the left one, even with two new batteries, and with the phone in any position and over on left or right side of my body.

Have you dropped the HA? You can also check the battery contacts to see if they are making contact. If it’s just quickly going through batteries, it’s time to send it in for repair.

Needs a trip back for repair. I think that is one of the standard things the pro can say when sending them in for repair, “Excessive battery drain”.

Actually, it seems this is somewhat common, at least if you look on the Resound Blog,Clearing Up Confusion About iPhone Devices and Hearing Aids | The Official ReSound Blog , I called their customer support, and they had me go into my iPhone settings, and reset the network (which also resets BTE). I’ve not had enough time to see if it’s all fixed now, but, they said if not, they have more things for me to try…

I have run into this issue with my current Phonak’s where one battery drains faster than the other but I couldn’t pin it down since I put the batteries in the box on my dresser at night and don’t keep them left/right separated. I had also just had bad batteries out of the package. Sent my hearing aids out for service recently and no issues were found so it was just bad batteries.

It is very common for only one hearing aid programmed in a set to run out of batteries faster than the other side
The reasoning behind this is power consumption increases with amplification

As most people do not have the same hearing loss in both ears
One side with the more dramatic loss will need to be programmed with a higher gain than the other
This increased amplification causes that battery to fail earlier than the other side that is
programmed with less gain.
If you look at your Audiogram you will probably see that your right ear scored a lot lower db range than the left
this is especially true in the 1-3k range where amplification power needs are higher

In certain careers you see this all to common such as Airline Pilots which lose high frequency from jet engine noise
only in one ear as the other ear was protected by a headset in flight after many years one ear is shot the other is still fine.
Similar happens to truck drivers with open windows from wind noise on the left side or equipment operators
When one ear is worse than the other side then One ear needs more power then one ear drains batteries faster than the other.
This could well be normal based on your hearing loss on the right side.

Perhaps something to consider.

Some have had success by unpairing the aid completely and then reseting and then repairing. That’s worth a try but your description is somewhat different. But, it’d be a good thing to eliminate that before having to send it in.

Thank you, I had not considered that and honestly I would have expected my Audiologist to know that and offer than opinion which would make sense. Unfortunately for me my Audiologist provider has never given me a copy of my hearing test and I never thought to ask for one either. I started wearing HA’s 10 years ago and only recently found this forum and of course options to purchase outside of the Audiologist office at significant savings. Now I am just waiting for my ENT appointment coming up near the EOM and then the Audiologist appointment the same day. I plan to make sure my ENT knows what my intent is so that I am not wasting my time going to the new Audiologist if the end game for them is to push my to buy from them. I simply need an audiologist like you need your someone for routing maintenance on a car minus the expensive parts you can get yourself.

Assuming everything else is equal, if the output is suddenly not the same as before, it’s a fault.

Duff batteries can cause the odd issue, the aid may have become unpaired but that’s not going to impact on the general sound quality.

I know this is a really old topic but i have been having an issue with reduced battery life myself with both of my Resound 3D’s, i went from my usual 6 days down to 4 days.

At first i thought it was because i re-programmed them but that didn’t make any sense. Then i came across this topic after searching around and tried the above methods and they worked for me, now back to 6 days battery.

I recently updated from iOS 11.3.1 to 13.4.1 so it had to be that, just in case anyone else has the same issue, try deleting your aids and then re-pairing after updating iOS.

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