Battery Drain with Bluetooth


Yup. You’re right. I’m guilty of that.
I would not characterize my opinion of Apple as a “generalized irrational emotional reaction” though.


Over the 13 years of wearing hearing aids and using different smartphones,I have found that the IPhone has worked the best but no where close to perfect. I am sure some of it is my hearing loss and some of it is the issues over the early years with android phones. But I am sold so far on Apple even with the extra cost.


In my view, the main advantages of Apple are stability and ease of use. The main advantage of Android is customizability. You pick which is most important to you. For me, it was customizability. My wife prefers Android, but has admitted that if she didn’t have me as her tech support, she would choose Apple. If I ever engage in any sort of “fanboy” banter, I try to be clear that it’s all in jest. “My team is the best and your team sucks because reasons!” I remember engaging in the same kind of arguments when I was on the DOS team resisting Windows!
Having said all that, one major annoyance I have is when the commercial world assumes you have an iPhone. Last I checked, market share was pretty much neck and neck, with Android having a slight advantage. Yet every where I go, I see ads that this or that gadget “works with your iPhone!” Even if said gadget is merely a bluetooth speaker.


I might be accused of being one of the haters. I have recently posted a very strong assertion that I am an Android guy in no uncertain terms. It’s not really a hatred for Apple or it’s users. It’s just that I’ve chosen my OS, and I’m fairly committed to it. My phone is not a toy, it’s a tool. And to that end, over the last 6 years, I have accumulated over 200 apps. I’m not about to start rebuilding that toolbox on another OS just to make my hearing aid connectivity a little easier. Some people seem to have a hard time accepting that.


I don’t have any issues with that. The only people who bug me are those that whine about their intermediary device and think that it should be simple for Google to fix this. There is a simple solution. It’s an iPhone. This is coming from somebody who uses Android and thinks that iPhones are overpriced, but if I really wanted direct hearing aid streaming, I’d get an iPhone in a heartbeat.


I am someone who believes in do what feel good to you. I have used them all, windows, android and Apple. When I enjoyed playing with them I liked android and I found I was always having to do something to keep them working. I am now retired and I have better things to do than play with hardware and software all the time, so I am a fanboy and love iPhone, and Apple. I was an Electronics tech, and also a software engineer so you could say I am burned out. I am now someone that loves hiking, riding my Vespa scooter, and fishing. I am also into all types of volunteer work. I just do not want to customize any thing that has to do with computers. I just want it to work.


Perfect!! My sentiments exactly.