Battery door came off and leaving for an out of town wedding. Can I fix

The battery door came off my phonak in the ear ha. I have not been able to put the door back on the hinge and I’m wondering if I just place the battery inside if that might work. is this something an audiologist can fix in the office or does it usually go back to Phonak. I will be totally lost without this aid, It is from my “good” ear. I have a collection of old aids and wonder if any of those doors might work. Kind of urgent since I leave the day after tomorrow for an out of town wedding and family reunion so don’t want to send it into the manufacturer.

Call or drop by your audiologist ASAP. That’s the only way you’re going to find out.

Can’t be sure if the exact model you have, but the battery doors are easily accessible and replaceable in most cases DIY.

The door seemed ok so I tried to get it back on and it got stuck about half way. Couldn’t open it or close it all the way.
Luckily, my audiologist office has a technician that just does minor repairs so I took it in this morning and he was able to fix it. It doesn’t need a new door right now but will keep this information for the future. Good to know there is a way to get these parts without having to go to the manufacturer.