Battery beep in Phonak Audeo Yes Vs

I have had the aids since late October. At first I had the 30 second warning beep. Now I get only the “I am dead” beep…all just dies after the beep. Is this normal??

This may be correct, not sure. I have had different batteries act as you are describing. Some have died with no beep at all.

Are you seeing this description with the same name brand batteries that beep properly?

Good luck

It’s been doing this for the last few months, and I am using the same batteries all the time. They are Power Ones from

Seems to be a waste of time for the warning beep to go off and the batteries to die immediately after. I might go get the aids looked at.

I must be coming up to a 6 month checkup…I will ask then.

You can generally have the beeps adjusted to go off earlier. I use FM receivers and they drain their power from the HA batteries too, and it means the battery beeps and then dies immediately.

Just a thought depending on the environment you are in and how your hearing is, might you sometimes be missing the first beeps? You can have the pitch changed or volume turned up. I can hear my tones in a quiet environment but cannot hear them when I am outside as they are masked by environmental noise, so must get them turned up.

Just while on the topic, WHAT is the point from the guys at Siemens who decided that after the first warning beep most of the power of the aid cuts out to give you longer to change the battery. But it doesn’t give you longer becuase instead of 10 minutes of your aid performing properly so you have 10 minutes to get a new battery, now you get 30 minutes of it performing at about 40% of the power, so in effect they die instantaneously!! Apparently this cannot be changed.

My loss is mold to moderate, and both aids used to give me a warning beep about 20 minutes or so before death. Now the beep=death.

OK. Usually the right aid dies first, with about a 10 minute warning, sometimes. Usually I change both at that time. Today I left the left one die and I had a hum, a hiss, and in one minute all was dead. Now for sure I will be calling on Monday for an appointment. They seem to last about 7-8 days. That part is normal.