Bass and Treble

Can a hearing aid be set so there is more bass than treble therefore resulting in speech that is hard to understand?

If I understand correctly, the answer is yes to both questions. Hearing aid could be set to over emphasize bass and deemphasize treble. Result would be plenty of loudness, but not much clarity. I assume you’re not into self programming, so the next step is a visit to audiologist/hearing aid fitter and report the difficulty with speech understanding. That would be my main emphasis, but you could mention that it seems that there’e too much bass relative to treble.

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Thanks so much. Now when I go to see him I’ll be able to define more clearly how I am hearing things. This may help with singing also. Thanks again.

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I see you have not posted your audiogram, which would help forum members give you relevant advice.

If you click on your picture (which is just a letter A) you will get to your profile. Then click on the profile pic that opens up in that popup to get to your actual profile page, where I think yiou can enter your audiogram.

If the above is not right, I am sure someone will correct it.

I just found better directions thanks to pvc:

Here’s how to Enter Your Audiogram:

Visit Sign In

Once you are in your Profile then find links to:
Enter your audiogram, or Update My Hearing Test

There are two ways to enter your audiogram. Graphically you can mouse drag the X’s and O’s around or switch to Manual Entry to just type in the numbers.

Good idea @FredO. But that link is hard to duplicate without a 404 not found error. So the OP should just have a look at Tip#2 in the forum support category.

It looks like you might be a Widex user. My Widex beyond app allows me some treble, mid, and bass minor adjustments as you use the hearing aids. I am using Widex Beyond 440s.

Yes, I have the Widex 330 beyond. I do like it. When I see my audilogist in February I’ll suggest that the bass vs. treble may be the problem. I can’t adjust the aid myself. I do have a com dex remote which lets me put the aid louder, softer, and change programs. Seems so wierd considering I had a widex BTE for 13 years and it had a button I could change programs with. Thank you for helping me out.

I don’t have an audiogram to post. I never asked for one. But knowing he can adjust the bass and treble helps alot. Thanks.

With the Beyond 440s there is an actual bass, treble, mid adjustment for each program on the Widex Beyond app. Love the sound of these hearing aids.

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I’ll have to ask him if I can get that on my remote that he gave me. It changes programs and gets louder and softer so I would think it might? I guess the newer ones have phone apps or remotes instead of buttons on the aid itself. My first one is 13 years old so I’m going from the dark ages to new technology. :slight_smile:

So, does this app run on an iPhone? That is a cool feature to actually be able to tinker with the frequency channels in order to boost base or treble. DO TELL!

I am an Android user but I’m guessing it would work with iPhones as well.

That being said it’s just 3 broad areas: bass, mid, and treble…

I think those that can be controlled with a remote or app still have buttons on the aids themselves.

Fixed the link he posted.