Basic hearing aids for my dad

My 75 year old dad has had the mdhearingaid for 7 months. The volume can go up to 4, but when I called customer service to ask about the screeching/feedback when the volume is set at 2, they said it should always be set to less than 2. my dad is turning it to 2 bc he says he wants to hear better and im concerned it may be causing additional damage to his hearing. prior to getting these aids, the audiological results are listed below. we just visited an audi who said that he’s at about a flat loss with about 45% hearing in both ears.

He’s beginning to show signs of dimensia with his reasoning and judgement occassionally off. when i’ve asked if he thinks he needs better aids he keeps going back and forth yes/no. My dad is only willing to spend less than 2K. one audi suggested the AMP-I thought that would not be a good option since dad needs them in at all times. True? another audi in the office said the ignite 20 may be a good economical option. I was hoping for a few more unbias opinions on this site. is there much of a difference between ignite 20 and mdhearing aid air? also, debating between cic, ite, bte. other than vanity, is there other pros/cons to make this choice? thanks for any help!!!

Freq L R
0250 55 45
0500 55 40
1000 55 50
1500 55 55
2000 55 55
3000 55 85
4000 60 55
6000 75 80
8000 80 80

ST L/R = 60/45 , WRS L/R = 20/40%

If you live near a Costco try them. They have HA’s in your dad’s price range. Good luck!

Your dad needs custom molds for his ears to keep the sound inside his ears which would equal little to no feedback.

See, he’s turning it up for more sound, but instead it just leaks past the dome tips.

If your dad is comfortable with over the ear style hearing aids, then I suggest to keep him in them in that style.

Your MDhearingaid is more like a 2 maybe 4 channel hearing aid used for patients that have a small loss. You can make them work for your dad by having a professional install a earhook, tubing, and custom mold made for his ear. Again not great quality, but it gets the job done with little to no feedback.

Ignite, which is a starkey brand hearing aid, are known extremely well for keeping down the feedback. If the MDhearingaid with custom molds didn’t work, then you can try the custom molds with ignite. So in the end, you really aren’t wasting any money.