Bald head - what color BTE HA should I get?

I shave my head so I’m completely bald. I’ll be getting hearing aids this Monday. I have no problem with people knowing that I’m wearing them. I’m getting them so I can hear better. But I’m curious if there is any concensus on a color for the “hairless” head? I don’t care for the brown/tan colors. I’m leaning toward silver/grey. I might even go two tone. I’m not particularily a Radier fan but I could go silver/black :smiley:

I shave my head every day with my Norelco Triple Header. I wanted blue on one side and red on the other, but, everything happened so fast when we ordered them that I didn’t even think about color until I called later in the afternoon, and by then my Audi’ had ordered them in the “goldish” color and they were due to be delivered the next day. At that point, it really made very little difference! I don’t mind at all if people see them, in fact, maybe they will speak up a little more when talking to me - LOL!

The Chroma Beige (which I think is what I have) is fine as I definately prefer THAT over any skin-color appliances you can get to supposedly match skin, as they then look just like what they are (skin-colored plastic)!

If I would have had red and blue (because I am patriotic), I would have had the blue one on my left and the red one on my right so the colors go with the right-left colors when used as a key on audiology documents (meaning red=right and blue=left) - just think, then hearing aid aficionados would think I really “know my stuff” (that is, until they start talking to me) - :eek:!

Any color you want (that your particular HA comes in). I have blue w/black Phonak Naidas now. Had blue Oticon Sumos prior to these.
You may be able to find the available colors online at the manufacturers website (I know you can find the colors on Phonaks website).

I’m almost completely bald, and have been shaving my head for 10 years. I wanted the silver/chili red 2-tone, but they were out of stock, so I chose Ocean Blue/silver 2-tone…

Do you wear glasses?? Mine are black, like the temples

Not that many choices. The base colors are Beige, Brown, Charcoal, Sandy Brown, Gray, Granite, Pearl White and Silver with optional multicolor combinations. I’m thinking Charcoal/Pearl White. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe they have some custom choices that I’m not aware of.

Well while not bald, I have a pixie haircut and glasses. My dispenser was so tickled that I wanted some “color” she ordered every color available for my Bernafons and then showed me how to change out the colors. I’ve only had them 2 months but started out in Cranberry Red and now I’m in my Christmas colors: red on one side, green on the other. With all the younger folks walking around with Bluetooth headsets, no one will notice colorful aids. Good luck

I ordered mine today. I settled for the granite color. The silver and pearl whites were almost iridescent. The sun would have reflected off of them too much. Instead of domes I’m having custom ear modes made. FWIW - I verified that the Kirkland (Costco) Signature is the Rexton Colbalt 16. I also saw a copy of the annual hearing aid ratings for 2011. I was happy to see that the Rexton Colbalt 16 is in the premium category.

Me too, complete skinhead.
Got deep burgandy HAs to match my motorcycle.

Yeah I am bald-shave every 2-3 days and use silver BTE HA’s. One of mine clients of 6-7 years (seen each other 25+ over the years) recently came in my office for an appointment. I had just come in from a run and apologized that I couldn’t hear them right now because I didn’t have my hearing aids in. My client looked at me and said ‘are those recent? Because I haven’t seen you wear those before?’
My point is don’t worry about concealing BTE HA’s because most people don’t even notice. I think only people who wear HA’s really notice.

Another point is my friend refused to wear BHE HA’s because of self-confidence. He felt people noticed and looked, but as I pointed out, you tend to attract more looks and attention when you can’t hear a word people are saying.

Yep - I couldn’t care less if people know I’m wearing HA. It might even get them to speak up a little. My big test is to stand next to the toaster oven when it counts down to see if I can hear the beep. I also understand that the coffee maker beeps when it is finished. I’ve never heard either one.

The other day I was at the range qualifying a new weapon. It had snowed the day before and there was enough snow on the ground that some people walked in rather than drive. I have a Jeep so there was no problem. When I was through shooting I went back to the Jeep, got in and started it. I heard all kinds of sounds I hadn’t heard before. I still had my shooting ears on. They are electronic. I can only imagine what I’ll be able to hear once I get my HA. Eleven days and counting :slight_smile:

If you don’t care that people can see the aids then get any color you want.