Balance testing in Australia

Hey all! So I’m a possible candidate for bilateral CIs in Canberra. I have had my CT scans and MRI and just had my balance testing done today. I’m a bit nervous cause I felt like the testing didn’t go too well.

There was a lot of stuff which required focusing on a moving dot and I kept blinking and struggling to focus.

Also there was a test at the end where air was blown into one ear until you are dizzy, then you recite girls name in alphabetical order while blindfolded. I didn’t feel like I could keep my eyes straight after that test.

I did feel like the testing went for too long - 3hrs- and I was just getting tired so that was a factor.

But, fundamentally I did not stagger or have any obvious balance issues - I feel like anyway.

The assessor said she wasn’t allowed to comment on the results.

Just wondering if anyone in here has thoughts? I’m nervous I could be considered a non-candidate for the testing. Also, why exactly is the balance testing even needed - is it just to form a baseline?

Don’t fret. I had balance testing too, and did terribly. The only result was a prescription for physical therapy. But balance and hearing both depend on the hair cells in your ear, so maybe the goal was/is to get as complete an assessment as possible.

Never had that as part of my eval. I would have failed - I have terrible balance, and the surgeon even mentioned post surgery that I have an anomaly in my ear that their research has shown is linked to poor balance. Bingo. I doubt it has an impact on your candidacy. I wonder if they were doing a study.

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I’m in Melbourne, and went through the Eye and Ear hospital. I wasn’t required to do a balance test at all. My CI aud did mention that my surgeon might request it, but he didn’t. I’m assuming it’s because of the level of hearing loss I have. The only option for me was to have a CI.
Good luck to you on your new journey to better hearing.


@Deaf_piper is Australian. Seems I remember her mentioning the balance test during candacy tests. Maybe be she can help with your questions. Looks like I am late!!!

Cochlear implants can affect balance. Eyesight plays a part in this too I believe. Google would probably answer this too.

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I had a balance test as part of the pre operative work up. I was told it was to get a baseline to compare to afterwards. I never went back for repeat testing because the place was too hard to get to and I wasn’t having balance issues post operatively. I suspect they also wanted the data for their own quality control so I’ve contributed to their “lost to follow up”.

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I had a balance test to assess my risk of potential chronic disequilibrium as a complication.

Essentially, the functionality of the vestibular system in my left ear was a bit of a question mark (rhs ear was being implanted), so testing found out there’s functionality in both ears albeit very little.

This gave me peace of mind if there was enough of an insult to the rhs system as a result of implantation, the lhs can at least help keep things together. It was remarked though, a little less of next to nothing, is still next to nothing.

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Hey! Just wanted to give an update. So I got the report before the surgeon appointment and it mentioned that I had abnormal results from the VNG test - the one where they place lenses over you with cameras tracking your eyes.

I tried calling the assessor to discuss this but she mentioned to talk to the surgeon.

And guess what, the surgeon said my balance was

So you have the go ahead to get a CI?

I would sure want to know what the abnormal results meant. Could you be talking about a VNG test?