Bad Experience at Miracle Ear

I just wanted to say I recently had a bad experience at Miracle Ear.
I went in for a free hearing test a couple weeks ago. Seeing the size of their audio testing booth I joked that I might be claustrophobic. It is a very small space compared to the tests I’ve had at ENT/Audiologists office. The Miracle Ear Tech told me it was not necessary to close the door all the way during the testing and he left it partially open. During the testing I could hear background noise such as an air conditioner vent or something. And also during the bone conduction testing, when he showed me the volume of the two ears together the left side was awfully loud. As I tested the demo models programmed by the computer, the left hearing aid was very loud and distorted sounding while the right one seemed okay. Looking at the results of the audiogram done at Miracle ear compared to the one I had done at a professional audiologist office yesterday (pictured below), I would say the readings on the left ear were about 5 decibels higher in each frequency with the exception of one of the higher frequency ranges that was around 80 decibels. Although I told the rep I was only there to price hearing aids and wanted to see what the professional audiologist and ENT had to say before I decided to buy, he wanted me to put $100 down toward the purchase of the ME-3 model at $1800 apiece. I did not. And I’m glad I waited.

I went to Miracle Ear about 7 years ago for one of their free demos and your experience and my experience is one in the same. But I do not remember any prices for their aids. But I do remember that they seemed to be better than the aids I was wearing at the time. The next week I was excepted into the VA system so now I get my aids from the VA.