Auracast thread

As this is meant to be the new ‘game changer’ within the Industry I thought it was worth having a collated thread about the Auracast launches.

For those not aware, Auracast is a new shareable Bluetooth Low Energy standard that allows hearing aids to receive a signal that’s better than original Bluetooth, with less lag and way less power use.

As far as I know, GN already has their offer on the table, the Oticon/Bernafon Product launches before the end of February and the rest of the pack is releasing some versions. The two main outliers are Starkey and Sonova . I’m not sure that Starkey are going this route with the current Genesis, but it might be upgradable via firmware and Sonova haven’t really been headed down the Bluetooth LE route since day one.


There is an exhibition in Barcelona Spain next week:

Also, MWC Barcelona at the end of February.

Hopefully we will hear more about Auracast, for sure it’s going to cast quiet an aura this Bluetooth thing.


The standard is “LE Audio”. The Resound Nexia has LE Audio, not Auracast. Auracast is a name given to the broadcasting functionality within that standard. It’s not just nit-picking. You see people saying that Auracast isn’t worth having because no-one’s wired up any movie theatres yet, not realising that LE Audio is more than Auracast. It’s like the Bluetooth SIG have given one branch of their new creation power to strangle the rest of the vine!

Confirmed to have LE Audio?


There’s already a lot of good stuff in the LE Audio And The Future Of Hearing Thread. Rather than creating another fork in the road, I think it’s good to have general news continue on in that thread, and then discussion of particular hearing aids or accessory devices can branch off willy-nilly as it always does.


Oticon? They, together with Phonak, announced that they would take a break to test the technology

I think what they are releasing is an LE version with Auracast capability. So you make the Bluetooth aerial and supporting chip to fit with the current standard and firmware upgradable to follow the trajectory of what’s going on.

I might be way off here, but the obvious potential usage is not static broadcast, but the potential for two proximate wearers to hold a ‘his and hers’ conversation in a hugely noisy environment like a bar or bus-travel with no additional devices in play. Basically taking the need for beam-forming mics out of the equation (except for other people) and allowing comms without the challenge of SNR getting it the way.

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I wonder if this will work if one doesn’t have an Auracast enabled HA?

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It works if you have an Auracast-enabled ‘sink’- headphones, speaker, buds, aids- or you want to build a wireless bridge between a source and a wired device. I don’t see any way that you’re going to route the broadcast into a set of aids that use any other protocol.


@d_Wooluf I was thinking maybe I was missing something, not sure if it has got 2 bluetooth chips in it!

I believe it will work. transceiver: derived from ‘transmit’ and 'receiver.
See this switch:

And this: