Audious Hearing Aids Who are they

I just received HA from a company in California and paid about $150 for two. I’m considering the Opticon More, as per my audiologist, but just wanted a cheap hearing aid to see what I’m getting into. My question is, am I doing more harm than good? And is this company legit?

Do you mean Audicus? They are owned by Sonova, the parent company of Phonak.

Thanks for getting back to me. No, that’s what comes up when I search. They’re called Audious, and they are based in San Jose. California. The HAs definitely work, but they are not sophisticated, just a rudimentary receiver and mic. I’m new to hearing aids and my audiologist, affiliated with the local University Hospital, suggesting Opticon More. Out of my price range right now but I just wanted to check out the whole HA thing, like wearing them etc. They came up when I was searching my insurance provider for hearing aids, and the price seemed like a scam. Very rudimentary however, and I would like to find out more about the company. Audicus comes up everytime I search for them, but the brand/company is definitely Audious. Be well and stay safe.

I think that depends on who is setting up the device for you. Is the audiologist setting these up or are you doing it yourself? Where did you get these? I’ve never heard of them, but based on the price point, it’s unlikely they are hearing aids but likely rather personal sound amplifiers (PSAP).

Yes there is no audiologist involved and you hit the nail on the head, I believe. It’s funny that one of contacts on the recharging device arrived malfunctioning (so I can only charge one at time and not two) and they just emailed me saying they would send me both hearing aids and the recharging device again, without me having to send anything back. Sounds very fishy but I said, OK. Now of course my next question is how do PSAP differ from HAs, fundamentally. Appreciated the feedback, it’s been very helpful. I would like to buy “real” HAs soon, but I just wanted to check these out. Be well and stay safe. James

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It’s like the difference between a calculator and a PC.

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A search found this website:
They are in San Jose, as you said.
They call their instruments hearing aids, not personal amplifiers or PSAP.
The entire website reeks of “too good to be true” but I am very cynical and see scams where other people see deals.

The original post was almost a month ago. Does the OP have an update on how these things worked?

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Thanks BoCat for taking the time. I’m actually wearing them now and they are helping mask the tinnitus that has been bothering me. The sent a new charging device and two new PSAP at no cost. If anything they have helped me realize what I’m missing, and that also went I take the leap in HAs that I would like Completely in Canal Aids. So for the $140 I feel like it’s helped me learn a lot about my deficit and sound amplification. As David so succinctly put it up above, they’re not PC by any stretch, just an average Casio calculator from the 90s. But do I need a PC? Maybe. I have a second Audiological appt. this time at CostCo in North Brunswick NJ, on 5/21. I’m interested in Phonak CIC. Of course, I don’t want to be supporting scammers, so I’m wary about Audious. Thanks for following up, I greatly appreciate you taking the time in a world in which people have so little to spare. Best, James

Thanks David! That is a great visual and is making me think hard about my “real world” needs. Much appreciated. Best, James

James, thanks for closing the loop! Good to know they work at all, so they are not a total scam.

I am not expert enough to say, from you audiogram, whether they are “all you need for now” or not.

My experience with Costco is mixed but they are not crooks; it is just that some of their hearing aid fitters are much better than others - which is true in the outside world too. See what they say.

No electric gizmo will give you your hearing back, but properly fit and adjusted hearing aids can make your life a lot more comfortable, and sooth those close to you who are irked when you miss what they said.

This company is a total waste of time and money. You will receive worthless devices and when you want a refund, forget it. No way to contact them except email and there is no phone number. Stay far away from these scam specialists.

Yes it appears that they are amplifiers. Not hearing aids. Which explains the price. Since they amplify everything I would think that further damage to your hearing should be considered very seriously. If the price seems to be too good to be true well that should tell you something