AudioSync NOW™ by Starkey

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My wife is 30 and for the last 5 years has been dealing with hearing difficulties. Took the doctors in our area forever to figure out it was Otoscrelosis. They gave her a completely-in-canal hearing aid that worked well for 2 years until I stepped on it. Expensive accident.

Either way, in returning to the same doctors, we were very unhappy so we turned to a hearing specialist who recommended the NOW 165 ($2000) and he let her take home a model to test. She loved it. Notice the small nuances of sound I take for granted (feet on carpet, smacking of lips, etc).

But, because of our budget, we returned it and tried living with her repaired aid. It was okay for a few months but now it’s buzzing and chirping and vibrating, etc.

But, my questions are…the NOW 165… (a) does $2000 seem too high? I understand if not. We paid just slightly less for her last. (b) we got conflicting stories from several people we visited. Some seem to say that over-the-ear style was mickey-mouse while the specialist told us it was the only way for her to get the power she needed. He was not pushy in anyway but suggested that she had not been receiving the proper amount of volume and thus was loosing detail distinction.

So we are in dire need to choose an aid quickly. She isn’t able to enjoy life with me or our two year old because of the discomfort and lack of proper communication. At the end of the day, if we’re getting ripped off and choosing wrong…at least we know that NOW 165 gave her some real joy in hearing.

Any direction? Opinions. All is welcome. Thanks!
Joel in Southwest Missouri.

You said your wife had a HA which worked well until you stepped on it.

Depending upon how much damage was done,it can be remade. I normally work with Widex and they will remake an aid as long a sthe chip is not damaged.

And it costs a few hundred dollars.

Yes, she had a complete-in-canal, so it was very small. When she took it to the doctor’s office where she got it, they said it wasn’t fixable and threw it away.

I went back and got it, took it to this hearing specialist (who is offering us the AudioSync) and spent $100 to fix it. He did as best as he could, and it worked well for a month (but not near as impressive as the loaner she used) but now it’s rattling and vibrating when noises get too loud.

But overall, she just doesn’t get the depth and clarity to noise like that loaner (AudioSync) she borrowed. So, I’ll do/spend whatever I have to, to make her happy…but I’m just having a hard time finding reviews on HAs to see if they are good, or if there are better/cheaper/etc.

Also currently getting some info over the phone regarding Phonak brand HAs. Anyone have any info regarding these?

One thing that did shock/impress me is: when I asked the a specialist (back at the dr’s office) why her loaner contained so much detail/nuisance she attributed it to advances in tech in just the last 2-3 years. It’s nice to know this industry is starting to really burn with gas.

audiosinc is really a starkey brand. So you are really getting stakey products and or technology

That’s great…but what do you know about them? Good reputation?

But, recent developments today, the doctor is recommending Phonak. At least with that brand I was able to find reviews on Youtube and the general net. All seem pretty decent. I feel at least better about that.

Phonak is a strong player in the market, it has very very good products. I would prefer
phonak over starkey any day. Sad to say, starkey’s products are not at par with the
industry, No wireless, no multiband direc. - o wait (not evidence based)

Oh Oh, Shi-Ku (Who sure does love his STARKEYS !!) Chishiki is not going to like this!

Does Starkey have a product called NOW?

If you are going to pay $ 2000, you better get phonak Exeila Art.

same aid… different name

The AudioSync NOW 325 is the same as the Starkey S 11 Series at a cost of ~ $ 6200/pair, (16 Channels, Premium Noise Reduction, 6 Program Modes & 2 years Warranty), NOW 245 is the same as the S 9 Series (~ $5400/pair, 12 Channels, Noise Reduction, 5 Program Modes & 2 years Warranty), the NOW 165 is the same as the S 7 Series (8 Channels, Noise Reduction, 4 Program Modes & 2 years Warranty) and the NOW 65 is the same as the S 5 Series (6 Channels, Noise Reduction, 3 Program Modes & 2 years Warranty). Please see AudioSync:

I am currently involved in researching replacements for my Oticon Syncros and beyond the Starkey S series, I am also considering the Phonak Audeo Smart IX. If anyone has insight to the Smart IXs, I would very much appreciate learning of your experience.

going from a sincro to a starkey will be a step back… which will not make sense.
Sincro use multi band directional microphone, which is very much embrace in all the industry - Phonak, Oticon, the new GN instruments, siemens, Unitron, etc… except for ofcourse Starkey. So if a top instrument should be consider, there is plenty that is better, Agil (oticon), Passport (unitron), Pure (siemens), Exelia (phonak)… all better instruments than starkey. So I would consider this options
starkey. Agil will be a natural

You are so much hard on Starkey :rolleyes: