Audioscapes - Machine Noise, Wind Noise, Quiet settings in Starkey aids?

I’ll be visiting my audiologist on Monday to finally discuss getting new Starkey aids. It’s either going to be the 3 Series or the Halo, and while I’ve done a lot of research exploring the features, I’m curious about how people usually tweak the noise reduction settings. According to Starkey notes, there are settings to reduce Machine Noise, Wind Noise, and finally a Quiet setting. It wasn’t clear how these work in conjunction with Starkey’s Presets, and if they are enabled by default for some of them, or if they have to be turned on manually, regardless of the memory presets used.

Wind noise seems to be my biggest gripe, especially when I’m in the car, which is why I’m wondering if the noise reduction here is good enough that I could keep them on ALL the time and part of my Normal Preset, or would I be hearing too many artifacts?

Hi Lincoln,

The audioscapes have presets or “defaults” which are determined based on the memory the aid is in, but the way they function (per memory) can be altered however you or your hearing professional desire. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with wind noise with either of these products. A lot of my clients are golfers/cyclists/outdoor enthusiasts and I just haven’t had many complaints of wind noise with the 3 Series.

I own the wi series and there is even wind noise when I reach down to tie my shoes! Their algorithm seems very off , especially since it accentuates highly on sharp , machine and clanking sounds. Their over amplification can be quite annoying and seems more damaging to hearing on the long run.

Was the wind noise reduction enabled for those clients or left off? Is it disabled by default in the Normal Preset?

What type of aid are you wearing, BTE, RIC, etc? I wonder if the type of model you’re using is a factor. Due to the severity of my loss I would either have to use a BTE or a power receiver in canal aid.

I use a BTE, My hearing loss is similar to yours ,except not as severe on the high frequencies. What type of model/type hearing aid do you use?

I’m currently wearing the Destiny 1200 Power BTE. They are nearly 8 years old now so I’m definitely past due for an upgrade.

There’s really nothing to tweak. All the settings that you mentioned are turned on and set to their maximum level in most of the available “environments”. One notable exception is Music, in which everything is turned off. Only on the 110 devices can you boost the settings any higher.

Thanks, I plan to start with the i90, so if I ever have an issue with the noises, maybe the i110 will wind up being a better fit.