Audiologist weirded out by my hearing. Can hear a ton/too much with aids in my ears but can't hear very much 50cm away from me

My audiogram is all in the profound, well it’s a slope which goes down gently in the mid frequencies and goes down to the high frequencies. Also I can’t hear in one ear ever since 20 years ago. This is the hospital audiogram, I can’t post the clinic’s audiogram for privacy but it’s absolutely the same.

I shouldn’t hear the thing I hear during tests, based on my audiogram.

The audiologist was weirded out and told “there’s a big mess in that ear”, even more so because I also have a “too much” treshold right beneath my hearing loss, around 10-12db beneath that were it starts being too much.

It’s like people that can’t see very well from afar, but very well from up close. For example I can hear the audiologist to perfection when he talks to the headphones he gave me, I was really like “WHAT! DOC I CAN HEAR YOU WELL AND YOUR VOICE IS SO NICE AND CALM!”. Though the word discrimination test was a word abomination test, it was like zero or close to it, everything sounded muffled and sorta like “short growling” if that makes sense. Also in general I can hear my voice perfectly, same goes for the coughs and burps so I guess my “inner audio” works well. I can even hear the brushing of my fingers on the ear, the ear hair trimmer, the hair trimmer itself, very crisply, the fizzing of an ear wax solution, super crisp, but yeah I don’t even build up wax, which is nice for sure.

Does this type of hearing loss have a name?

I did an MRI and everything is in order, nothing wrong with my ears or brain. Though I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I realize that on my good days I can hear a bunch more, especially without thoughts on my mind, but for example during this week my hearing went down as it does when I have things on my mind, so that’s a fact. Everything but hearing is fine with my health tests. Sure enough anxiety is sucking energy out of me constantly, but hopefully this new audiologist is the real deal and he will help me for real, because the first one was fishy as hell and gave me a Power BTE which was distorting like crazy, the volume was SCARY and he had me doing zero tests, he had no gear for testing at all, criminal…he just wanted me to “get used to it”, but you can’t get used to something so wrong.

In the new clinic I have a fitting on tuesday with Resound Nexia microRIE, already did a ton of tests the first time the new audiologist received me in his clinic, he has all the testing rooms, all the gear and he has the REM testing gear too, so I’m covered, he really gave me a long-ish explanation of what to expect, the ear mold best suited for me(he took the impression the same day), but in practice given the weird nature of my hearing loss, it’s a “we’ll have to fit and see”. I paid no money and I will only have to do so if it all goes well during the 5 weeks trial/fine tuning time. I already bought an iPhone and laid out iPhone’s accessories to make the journey easier. The clinic is 30 minutes away and the last time the whole trip and visit drained me, took me the usual 5-6 days to fully recover, but I have to go through this, I really want to hear better and be able to communicate. In fact I even had to change my phone carrier to get better coverage so that I can better use transcribing apps, which have been my salvation for a TON of stuff because the doctors just wont use paper and pen or simply open wordpad, enlarge the letters and type out things rotating their monitors, they would pretend I could read every type of lips, which is definitely not a thing, some people think they have super readable lips but they really don’t, so transcribers are an absolute life changer and they need the best 5G coverage and speed to work well, so I’m set.

Sorry for the wall of text but I think it’s really interesting to analize, especially for the audiologists lurking this forum.

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He may not be totally wrong, depending. Your very low loudness tolerance complicates being able to provide you with audibility–do you think that is a consequence of your chronic fatigue, or do you have a history of going unaided? What’s the etiology of your hearing loss? Do you have a significant history of migraine? Is your loudness tolerance that low even down in the area where you have better hearing, or do you just mean up past 1k (in which case your loudness tolerance is normal and I’ve misunderstood)?

You may really have no useable hearing above 750 Hz, but I wouldn’t blame a clinician for at least giving it a college try. Some patients with that audiogram do actually get some function out of those higher frequencies with a BTE and a full-shell mold, but many won’t. Distortion could be in the hearing aid, but it could also be in the ear with that level of damage. Additionally, if your loudness tolerance is low they might be trying to compress the sound to make it more manageable for you, but with your hearing loss you may be unable to tolerate much compression either. Someone familiar with fitting profound losses should be able to help you.

You’ve been through CI candidacy assessment?


It was an okay choice if we’re just looking at the audiogram, but the in the new clinic the doctor clearly said it wasn’t right for me because the base volume in BTEs is set really high and you can’t lower it enough for it to not cause distortion with my specific and WEIRD hearing loss, he said this after running several tests and I guess he had some previous experience with patients like me.
Tomorrow is the day and I’m excited although a bit worried.
My hearing in the “good” ear dropped in 2017, it was after a specific situation where I had tremors and my intestine felt super inflamed and I had incredible muscle pains, fever and all, right after that it all went downhill both for my hearing and general health.
I think it MIGHT be a consequence, also after that I wasn’t able to leave the house for 4 years, well, I got hospitalized for 10 days to get my exams done, but then I got sent home with nothing, they just told me to invert my living situation, I was forced to live in cold and humidity to save money over the heat and electricity bill, I was in my 20s and I thought I could just take it, but when I turned 28 that stuff happened and it was the result of so many years of critical living conditions and I’d say abuse because I didn’t want to live wearing 5 sweaters and a beanie inside my house, especially given that we don’t have money problems, but that’s in the past and now I improved my health sufficiently so that I can do small trips and medical stuff, just about the needed amount, even though still not enough.
But yeah thanks to the living conditions and stress I had frequent ear pains resembling an ear infection so it probably contributed a lot.
Nothing showed up in the MRI, the nerve is intact and so does the rest of the “good” ear.
No history of migraines, I very rarely had headaches in my life and I’m 36 now.
Yes the loudness is where I can hear, a good 10-12db below the line in the audiogram and it’s pretty flat, it shows better in the new clinic’s audiogram but I don’t want to post it here for now.
Also like you said, the doctor talked about compression and how precise he has to work because of my loudness treshold and that’s why we went with such a high level of technology, like I said the clinic buys the aid, then I have a 5 week trial with several follow-ups(once a week), then if there is a benefit for my hearing I proceed to pay him the device and stuff, otherwise I’ll be very sad and he will sell the hearing aid to someone else, but I think my chances of it working are quite high, in fact I tried a cheap amplifier from amazon with an ear mold from the first clinic(the fishy one) and I could understand so much more, so I thought that with a very specific medical device tuned by a good doctor in a great clinic, could be doable 100%, but still I’m scared that everything will go wrong lol, though I’m going to do my best for sure.
So between the fact I could hear the doctor so damn clearly and well through the headphones during the tests and the amazon amplifier, my hope is 80% up.
Yeah this new doctor seems to know his stuff, he’s older and has the best reviews in my area, there are many clinics, but very few have such good reviews and I could tell right away.
I also understand that even you, you’re basing yourself off of the audiogram I posted and you are right I guess based on the audiogram, I was just wondering if there was this “hear bad from far but good from up close”, also wondering why I could hear the doctor’s voice so well while he was talking to me through the headphones, he was hidden behind the gear so I couldn’t lip read him, why is that? why was I able to hear so well and repeat was he was saying so easily? He was pleased and a bit weirded out and I think this specific fact is interesting and weird about my hearing loss.
But yeah he seems to know what he’s doing so I’ll just follow him along, he said he will have to work at 1/10 steps and see how I fare. Like I said I don’t have to put a single cent forward, here where I live(Northern Italy), the clinics work this way, they make money only if you benefit from HAs, otherwise “we just tried, wish you the best”. I’ve read horror stories from the US regarding putting money forward and end up with nothing but fishy practices stealing their money.
Also yeah at the hospital they said I’m a CI candidate but since I have so much residual hearing(and how weird that is, because I should virtually hear zero, nada, niet)he decided to go for a hearing aid first instead of cramming something in my skull right away.
I also thought about BAHAs and I would like to try that instead of a CI, because I think the CI technology is not there yet and hearing metallic voices and stuff would really bother me, I will consider that only if I could hear zero, which is also what the doctor at the hospital thought.

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Sorry… Is this your FIRST hearing aid?

You are not a BAHA candidate.

Sounds like you’re in pretty good hands though.


Looking at your audiogram you have what looks like a typical ski slope high frequency hearing loss much like many on this forum.

If you can indeed hear in your 1000 hertz frequencies and up a power aid with a mold that’s properly vented should help you.

This is also very normal for many. Using head phones or streaming improves the signal to noise ratio. In other words sounds are not lost or disrupted by the space between you and the object of sound. Like people or a TV for example.

Have you had a cochlear implant evaluation? Both ears just might be candidates.

Technically is my second, I briefly trialed one Power BTE in another clinic and like me and the new doctor said it was wrong for my actual hearing abilities, tomorrow I’m getting fitted with the Resound Nexia microRIE for what I guess you call “a college try”.
I also tried Earpods Pro 2nd gen and I can hear a lot but I can’t understand speech even though I loaded up my audiogram, but I wasn’t expecting much out of a 300 bucks pair of earbuds, as advanced as they may be they do not provide enough amplification.
Yeah I think I’m in good hands, I will update my post tomorrow.

Already tried a BTE and it is wrong for my actual hearing abilities, too much amplification resulting in heavy distorsion.
I can’t hear a thing with a pair of closed ear headphones I have, a 200 bucks audio-technica set from the times I could still hear, I hear no sound with them even maxed out. While I hear a lot with Earpods Pro 2nd gen or any in-ear I have laying around, but I can’t understand speech and it’s too loud in the wrong frequencies despite loading up the audiogram on my iPhone 15.
Tomorrow I get fitted Resound Nexia microRIE like the new doctor suggested, doing REM and so on, I will report after I get it done.
Also no, I just had it suggested if the hearing aid route fails, plus the nerve on my deaf side is not working, but yeah I’m a candidate for the other one.

Okay, so you’ve had at least seven years of chronic auditory deprivation in your left ear, presuming it was normal prior to 2017, which perhaps it wasn’t. That explains your poor loudness tolerance. Once you have a hearing aid in that ear, you may find that after a few months of wear you are able to turn it up a bit, and so on and so on until you can push for more audibility slowly over time, and then maybe you could move into a BTE later once your loudness tolerance issues are resolved. But you need to be aiming for at least ten hours a day of consistent wear time.

It sounds like you have been tremendously medically underserved. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you will at least be in reasonably good hands now, at least in regards to your ears.


This is where my headphones comment came from. SNR is very important with hearing loss.

I missed that you have not been wearing your aid. That’s a biggie that’s very detrimental to word understanding. You do need a power aid with correct vented molds for that loss. Getting acclimated is the key. The RIC aid you are trying is very temporary once acclimated.

Neville has given you great help.

Good luck at your audiologist.

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Well, you waited too long, just like me. It will take some time to get used to hearing aid sound. You should have some progress in weeks, but still may be improving in months.

They will sound loud at first, and maybe “tinny”. Dishes clanking, potato chip bags, etc are annoying.

Your hearing loss looks fairly normal to all of us here with blown out hearing. :laughing:

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Today I got fitted and I immediately understood 70-80% of the sentences, it was so weird…but once I got home I thought I would hear dishes loudly, potato chips bags and such very loudly, but it wasn’t as bad! I don’t even have a plugged in effect after I took them out!
Though yeah it will take a long time to get where me and the doc want to be.
He also prohibited me to connect to the phone, to think I had so much material :smiley: But I’ll follow him since he really seems to know his stuff.
Follow-up appointment next week, we’ll see. Also the aid is the tiniest thing ever, it’s the Resound Nexia microRIE with a very comfortable custom mold, good news is I don’t need a Power BTE, so thumbs up :smiley: @Don


yeah well it turned out you were wrong big time, the doctor straight up told me that I was most likely communicating with “old farts that aren’t very up to date” :smiley: @Raudrive

just came back, no need for BTE now or later, though yes I have to work up the volume week after week with the doctor, these new microRIE are powerhouses, though the doc didn’t want me to hook up to the phone for now and try the device “naked” as much as we can, what can I say…it’s small, the battery lasts a ton and I can understand a lot for being a first timer…though I had to look people in the face still, but I could make so much more words and sentences out of that, like 70-80% more easily, but yeah we’ll see


Sounds like you’ve made great progress already.

We have a wonderful community. The pros that post here help us all.

Neville has provided me with great information. My hat’s off to him. I would have been better served if I had taken his advice quickly. That’s my fault. I’ve used hearing aids for over 20 years. Mine are provided by workman’s compensation due to exposure to loud noise continuously at work. We all have unique hearing loss.

Dave is much too kind to me.

I’m glad things seem to be going well for you.


Thanks Neville. The man at Hearing Well Matters has helped me a lot
My hearing aids were about 2 years old when I switched from CVA in Mississauga.

They were supplied by Workman’s Comp. supplied early. That was a miracle

So I am not duefor about 3 years, and he can’t sell new hearing aids

He can work with their schedule. It’s Not generous. I’m an expensive client. High needs. Small pay from workman’s comp.

His first hearing test after 6 months showed my hearing was much worse than reported by cva. He followed up with two additional appointments. About a week apart.

I don’t want to do anything that causes him grief. He could easily have turned me away. CVA is long gone from my life.

I just want to have my Phonak Audeo Paradise P 90Rs work better. I’ve been self employed. I’ve even had second jobs for 35 years. Taught 5000 people as a ski instructor. Point is I’m not a typical engineer. Though I confess to being stressed out with my Phonaks.

I’m grateful for the benefits I’ve received. I’m very grateful for all of you skill providers who contribute so much here


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I remember referring you over here from your reddit post. I’m glad to see you got the help you were looking for, and I hope your support from both here and your audiologist helps you along your hearing journey!