Audiologist vs ENT

Hello. I did an audiogramme. She checked drum mouvement and reaction. She checked bone conduction, she checked pure tone. She checked speech and speech in noise. I failed speech in noise at 60% :frowning:

But should i see an ENT before getting aids. Its not allergy season. I dont have a cold. No itch in ears. No wax. No cold. No stuffy nose. Nothing that seems off at first glance. Where i Live it can take 6 months to see ENT as i Need ro see a generalist then if he deems it necessary i get a reference to see ENT.


I personally would not worry about seeing an ENT. My only concern is with your audiogram if you’re going to receive any benefit from hearing aids. What kind of a return period do you have if you are not satisfied? Is there any restocking fee?

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Yup. Im dealing with a company that is giving a free trial period no fees for restocking even if i take nothing
I actually have the roger focus and pen on trial. The guy selling this is a branch of the other company selling HA. He agreed to let me try pen for another 30 days with new HA. He will take back focus.

My audiologist (not seller of HA because here laws make it so that audiologist cannot sell HA or assistive devices ) said to take HA that are bidirectional and very speech recognition.

Hoping the m30 is ok considering it does not have 4 speakers for roger directional but i will have roger pen.

Sounds like a great situation!

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Nikita, usually an audi suggests a visit to an ENT and an MRI to rule out the possibility of an acoustic neuroma. Is your 60% word recognition score (WRS) in both ears or only one ear? In my case I had a low WRS in one ear and it turned out that I did have an acoustic neuroma on that side. I’m glad my audi insisted I get the MRI. Good luck.

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Main reason to see an ENT would be to determine if there’s an issue causing your hearing loss that can be medically or surgically corrected. The acoustic neuroma above is a good example of such a thing. In general if the hearing loss was fairly sudden and/or unilateral, I think it’d be worth seeing an ENT. Also if the patient is young.

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Hi. Looking at your audiometric profile your hearing is essentially normal, bar one frequency (6KHz in the left ear) which is ten dB below normal range. Glad you have a 30 day return period with no restocking fee because that is about as minimal as hearing loss gets.

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