Audiogram option in Apple Health app for iOS 13

I just noticed in the Health app in iOS13 an option for “audiogram” … appears to be a place where one could put their audiogram but I can’t figure out how/what to do? It just shows a blank graph now … anyone seen/use this?

It appears to be a placeholder for an upcoming feature.


As far as I know, the Health app doesn’t do audiograms itself, but can accept the data from apps that do, and perhaps there are other ways of importing the data.

The “Mimi Hearing Test” app claims to be (a) free, (b) now able to export results into the Health app.

While it seems to have very high ratings, haven’t the means or qualifications to determine its accuracy. There are claims that they’ve got EU certification, and are seeking FDA certification.

For best results, you should have a very quiet room; you need good earphones/headphones, and the only ones listed as “calibrated” are AirPods (not AirPods Pro), although I suspect something with better isolation might be helpful, esp. if a truly quiet room is not an option. You may end up doing it twice to learn to relax and respond accurately. It takes about six minutes, and does one ear at a time. I have no idea whether AirPods Pro or other noise cancelling headphones might interfere with accuracy.

While you can’t diagnose yourself, it might help you decide whether it would be worthwhile to consult a qualified professional.