Audiogram confusion

I could use some help in reading my wife’s audiogram. The printout was very, very faded. So I drew in the red lines to show the graph. Which line should I follow to convert this into a numerical db loss? The top line or the bottom line?
Sorry, the picture was lost.

The best I can make out is there’s something in the 50db range and something in the 90db range. If your wife can hear some sounds unaided, she has a moderate loss, else she is profoundly deaf.

It reads to the best of my ability as follows:
Right: 250Hz:60 500Hz:55 1KHz:60 2Khz 70dB 3Khz:60 4Khz:50 6Khz:55
Left: 250Hz:55 500Hz:65 1Khz:65dB 2Khz:45 3Khz:40 4Khz:45 6Khz:40

She appears to have what would be described as a moderate reverse sloping bilateral sensory neural hearing loss. She also seems to have low UCl’s at about 90dB, suggesting some hyperacusis, possibly due to meniere’s disease (fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo)?

Thanks for your replies:

The markings in the 90db range is where the audi tested her maximum gain comfort level (or something like that).

That matches my reading except for my Left: 500Hz:60 where you had a 65.

Now I have a follow-up question. This is the second test within the last 2 weeks (see results below). Is it normal for the test results to be a little different (+/- 10 db)?
Test-1 L R / Test-2 L R
250 45 55 / 55 60
500 50 65 / 60 55
750 50 60
1000 50 55 / 65 60
1500 45 65
2000 35 60 / 45 70
3000 35 60 / 40 60
4000 40 50 / 45 50
6000 50 55 / 40 55