Audiogram comparison


My audiograms. Left is 2015, right is 2018. Looking for professional opinions on whether or not this looks normal.

Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids

No professional, but that is one heck of a drop in 3 years in sub 1khz frequencies. That isn’t normal. My audiogram has been relatively consistent for 40+ years.


What I’m having trouble understanding is, if this audiogram is wrong, and my new aids are programmed to these levels, then shouldn’t I be experiencing a significant bass boost?

It’s quite the opposite. I’ve heard people say that Phonak aids sound “tinny.” I wouldn’t quite use that description, but maybe “brighter.” Certainly not a lot of bass.


I am suggesting investigating your loss further.


Open domes wouldn’t do much for bass.


Hmm… My first audiogram (2011) went from about 10dB@250 to about 60dB@8000, a straight line. My current audiogram(s) can be seen in my profile, but basically the high end stayed the same and the low end dropped to about 40dB, no notches. In other words, similar to what BlueCrab has seen. My ENT (same one for both exams) didn’t say anything about the additional low frequency loss. Any suggestions for sources discussing rate of loss?


I found what looks to be a pretty good website here for doing an online audiogram. The results I got from that more closely match my original from 2015. My audi seemed very confident in his results when questioned, but I may push him a little further on this. But the big thing is, my aids sound perfect right now. So it’s not like I’m blaming the audiogram for any resultant performance issues. It’s more just a matter of curiosity. I’ve also toyed with the idea of getting tested at Costco, but I’ll probably wait till after the holidays to do anything.


So even if it is indeed wrong, it wouldn’t matter too much because of the open domes. Is that what you’re saying?


Kept you in open domes though, eh?


So you’re saying that audiogram calls for closed domes?


Yes. Though far be it for me to question the man on the ground.


Well, this whole thread is me questioning the man on the ground. Due to insurance and this being the end of the year, I’m pretty much committed to this guy. I do like him a lot, but I feel like sometimes I need to nudge him in the right direction. He expressed confidence in the readings, and said it seemed like a normal time related change, but I also sensed that eventually he will redo the test for me.

As I said in the Marvel thread, I’m thinking of requesting closed domes anyways to improve music streaming.