Ok I am new to all of this and have been told I need HA’s which is fine but the question I have is why when you are having the test they tell you to click the clicker if you think you hear something opposed to clicking it when your sure you actually hear the 3 beeps? may sound like a dumb question because I did that an a lady said I was clicking to much and I needed to slow down and discern the beeps and then came back and told me I needed to click more ( besides obviously needing to find a different audiologist ) what is the purpose of clicking if you think you hear the beeps?

It aint brain surgery…

Three beeps?

The audiologist will test the one frequency at the same decibel level a number of times to check the consistency of your response so don’t overthink it and just press if you think you heard the beeps - even if they were very faint.

glad to see your still doing well

Evidently better than someone who cant follow simple directions to press the buttom when you hear the tone… btw, what three beeps are you talking about? Even old guys from wwii and korea who wore velcro shoes could manage a hearing. Why would you need a new AuD you’re the one who can’t follow directions.

Hell even kenjji and bluballs can manage a simple hearing test. I think

It sounds like your audi set the audiometer to the pulse tone setting which lets you hear the tone at each dB level presented three times, if you hear it, you press the button, if you don’t, you don’t press it. If done correctly you are going to hear the tones you can hear three separate times so you aren’t going to see it just once. So even though you had trouble the chances are your results are more or less accurate. If you have doubts go elsewhere and get another tests done or talk to the person who administered you test and see if you can have it done again.

I see doc is still being a turd.

I’ve never had the test with three beeps. Mine were always a single tones. My struggle was at the lower thresholds of my hearing distinguishing in my mind between tinnitus and the tone. Hear enough tones, and my brain seems to start making up tones of its own. Never had an audiologist tell me I wasn’t clicking enough or too much, that would send me elsewhere too. Might even stop and pick up some velcro shoes on my way there, too.

Your right the AuD should have made up results instead of telling him he was doing it wrong.

Piss off, and twist someone else’s words to your satisfaction.

I think tones get repeated because people make so many false responses. In spite of having worked with sound for decades, and having had lots of hearing tests, I know I push the button a bunch of times when I haven’t actually heard anything.

Who knew they had velcro shoes back in the 1940s? I didn’t even know they had velcro back then. Were these like the special ones they had to wear on the Hindenburg?

Are you guys really a couple of bored high school kids? No one can be as stupid as you guys act. You’re making kenji and blubals look smart.

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A person who can’t follow the simple directions of push the button when you hear the tone… maybe had his mom doing his homework?

An audiometer has a setting for producing either a single tone or a pulse tone which will let you hear the tone three times.

exactly my issue I already hear tones because of tinnitus, so I am asking why would I click if I am not sure nor can distinguish between the beeps and the ringing I already have.

Skunkweed instead of acting like a high schooler why don’t you actually read the statement written and if you need a clarifying question then ask instead of automatically looking to insult someone, like I said before easy to do when you hide behind a screen name an a IP address

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Tinitus is usually a constant tone so that is why the pulse tones are used. You should press if you think you hear the tones because otherwise your hearing will look even worse than it really is. If you wait until it is loud enough to be absolutely distinct and easily identified then you will not get the correct result. That is why they tell you to press if you think you hear it. At the lower volume limit of your hearing ability it can be a bit hard to be sure if you are hearing it. The pulsing of the tone should tell you it is the test tone rather than your tinitus. You should admit you are having trouble knowing what to hear and the audiologist will play you a louder sample of what you are listening to. There will be a lowest level where you hear it 2 out of 3 times that the tone is presented. If you seem to be having trouble the audiologist might retest that level until you give consistent responses. Don’t worry - even audiologists can find having a hearing test a little stressful.