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I have recently switched from vented sleeves on my KS8 HA’s to closed sleeves. One of the big differences I have noticed is that when I stream iTunes music from my iPhone the sound is terrible. It has no bass and the mid to highs are shrill. With the vented sleeves the sound was good, not excellent, but for sure way way better than what I am now getting.

Does anyone have any experience with this and what adjustments may be necessary? One of the things I noticed is that when you go into the Fine Tuning and Audio Streaming / Bluetooth tab in Connexx 8 there is totally different equalization applied by default for closed vs open fittings. I presume that is because the closed should be trapping the bass and less bass equalization is needed. But what I am hearing is not enough. I was thinking about asking to go midway between the two equalizations to see how that sounds. Thoughts on this?

Here is what the equalization looks like for the open sleeves. Each bar is one dB.

And here is what the closed sleeve equalization looks like:



just get rid of this shity adjustment and select right acoustic properties eg open dome closed dome mould with vent and correct size of vent



I’m not sure I follow. What I showed above is the default when you select the two different sleeve types. The problem is that the default setting on the open sleeves was not too bad. But on the closed sleeves
the default is bad.



Just dampen all low freq +amplification. You done only in close sleeves



Trying to listen to any music through any hearing aid (only) is a drill in futility and silliness. Fidelity in hearing aids is totally nonexistent aside from high upper frequencies. Bluetooth or wired headphones are the ONLY option, with or without the hearing aids.



I’m a new HA user and I’ve had Marvel M90-R’s since Dec 26th. I’m going to differ with you. I stream my music from my Google Play Music subscription. For Christmas I received a Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone. I returned it to Best Buy and got my $350 back because my Marvels were better than the headphone.



Everyone’s experience is hugely subjective and based on their loss, the output on their aid, venting and the impedance of their canal.

Saying that brand X is better than brand Y is pretty meaningless too as differences in programming will hugely influence the perceived sound quality.

In addition, most aids actively mix the input from the ambient via mics with the streamed content too, for safety purposes. That’s three sound sources: Ambient via venting, Ambient via Mics and the Streamed content.

If you think about it, it’s not entirely surprising that under different conditions the pre-determined mix is going to sound rubbish. Unless you have a combination of decent initial settings, sufficient isolation, good dynamic controls and preferably some form of user input - you’re going to run into less than ideal listening situations more commonly that you’d like.

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Based on the very significant default equalizations that Connexx puts on the HA’s for streaming, it is obvious that streaming with all the sound coming from the HA’s is very different than signals coming from the microphones and vents. And on top of that, their default equalization for the closed vents just seems off.