Audio Design Engineer seeks hearing aid with user controlled 31 band eq and DSP

I have bad tinnitus and Hi freq loss and want a hearing aid that I can tune to my liking, presets would be great too…

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Hearing aids typically have channels and handles to adjust the gain across the frequency. The channel is the band the hearing aid can process down to, and adjust to. However they typically have fewer actually handles or sliders that can be used to adjust width. The Signia Nx and similar Rexton Emerald 80 have 48 channels and 20 handles. See the graph below of the adjustments available. Per channel there is in reality three levels per handle, one each for soft normal and loud sounds. This gives a total of 60 adjustment handles per ear. The Signia 7Nx and the similar Rexton aids have a fairly sophisticated sound quality system, with a claimed bandwidth up to 12 kHz, and 24 bit processing.

This all said, the general conclusion is that the number of channels often gets used more for a sales bells and whistles count, and doesn’t have as much technical basis to justify all the channels.

Hearing aids are set up to increase speech understanding. Your pro can make adjustments to try to increase that.

What sounds good to you and what helps you understand more speech are going to be different things. Go with more speech understanding. It will also, eventually, sound good. At first though, with high frequency loss, things will sound tinny with the missing highs added. In two weeks of wearing them all day, every day, they will sound much better.

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thank you this is helpful and a little more like the test equipment I use for design and in the studio

Thanks again, these are pretty much what i was looking for.