Without doing any research, I just agreed to purchase and Audigy MicroBTE with their “premium technology” AGX9 hearing system. Cost was over $3000 for one ear. The audiologist (who appeared quite reputable) claimed it was made by Sonic Innovations.
Other than its own website, I can find no info on Audigy Group HAs and no recommendations. Should I try to get out of the purchase? This is my first HA.

Most likely, they are using the Sonic Innovations Ion or Ion200. They are both very good open fit digital hearing aids and can be converted to conventional #13 earhook/tube earmold.

The difference between the 2 is that the Ion 200 is a little more water resistant.

Make sure when you get fit, though, that they perform some form of verification to ensure you are getting the proper correction.

Do a search about visible speech mapping on this forum.

While the ION is a good instrument…

I have sertious concern about theior future…


all public firms must publish a10K for investors
in this document you can see if it is true they are using sonic platform…

i read thta sonic had make strakey aids before they went into litigation


I also gotten the AGX9 hearing aids, and they changed my whole world, i can finally understand just about everyone now, that with lip reading too, my old pair were about 10 years old and was having a major problem with background noises and often would aviod going out b/c i knew i wasnt gonna have that good of a time, b/c i really couldnt undersatand no one. The funny thing with the old aids if i didnt know your voice, i had a hard time understanding even with lip reading, but the new AGX9 series HA changed all that and after seeing my audiologist, like 3-4 time in 4 weeks, we adjusted them for my personal experious, they are perfect. I almost feel like i can talk to everyone now, now the only problem is im gonna have to change my ways now and actually talk to people more lol. I dont know who makes the AGX9 aids, whoever made mine did a great job and i havent had any water problem and i exercise alot sweat alot, I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 28 yrs and im almost 31 now, i have severe to profound loss of hearing and was born with it.

There are a number of Audigy providers/audiologists/dispensers in my area. They are Sonic HA’s. I also dispense Sonic and have had very good results with them. For my patients that try Phonak and don’t care for them, Sonic is my next go-to as they tend to be quieter in that they don’t pick up as much environmental sounds. One good thing is that Audigy hearing aids are able to be programmed by anyone who has the corresponding (in this case Sonic) programming platform/software, unlike Beltone/Miracle Ear/Audibel.

Audigy is pretty big. I doubt very much it’s going anywhere since the audiologists that are now audigy providers used to all be private practice, one for a LONG time in the area. There must be some large benefit to join the Audigy group.

Also, Sonic, until it’s recent acquisition, has been completely independent of any other manufacturer. It’s not associated with Starkey and never has been and vice versa.

Audigy now uses Oticon, Starkey, and Sonic products. When the group first started, they used Sonic exclusively.

I am looking at used Audigy AGXO M200 hearing aids. I’ve been told that these are Oticon EPOQ XW units, rebranded by Audigy… can anyone confirm that?

Also, I am concerned about reprogramming them with Genie software and HiPro programmer. Is that possible or is a special key code required to unlock and allow reprogramming them? If a code is required does anyone have that or know where to get it?

Thank you for your help! Nick

If they’re Audigy aids, you need the Audigy version of Genie software to program them, not just a code.