Audigy Group/ AGX / Oticons

Ok, the Isync wannabes aren’t working out so well. I am going to trial some Oticon BTE’s starting Monday.

Here’s my issue, the place I am trialing aids from is in with Audigy Group.

Audigy Group is all about AGX technology.

My current trial aids, custom fit Audio Sync ITC ( not small enough to be called Isync ) were $7000.00, which has already been charged to my ins, and I pd my portion.

The (hearing instrument specialist) I am assigned to, says there is no price difference for switching to the Oticons. Ok, so I am paying for AGX9 technology, so I ‘assume’ I am getting top of the line Oticon’s (with streamer and remote), which would be AGIL PRO’S?.

Cause, H.I.S Justin wouldn’t answer a direct question as to what model am I getting ! Even a phone call the next day, didn’t get me a call back in regards to the model.

So, what are they doing? Putting their own AGX label on all Brands of aids they sell?

I see from other posts on here that most are happy with their Oticons, and the price seems to be in the ‘norm’ range.

75 day trials, 3yr warranty and batteries.

Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but how are Oticon’s in regard to moisture/sweat?

thanks for your thoughts !

Audigy group is the same as Starkey, same as Audibel, same as at least one other private label Starkey.

I have found audigy HA’s to be the MOST EXPENSIVE in my city. HOld on tio your wallet and stay away!

Yeah, AUDIOSYNC is the same as Starkeys and all.

Unfortunately, I have to use a Network Provider, and they are the ones I chose based on location and flexibility.

I just don’t understand how they are marketing Brand Name aids with their own AGX technology.

They aren’t doing that. They are just charging you the same no matter what brand you purchase. One of the “dealers” in my area sells Audisync, Phonak and Oticon. She charges the same price no matter what brand you might choose. Audosync mid-level is the same as Oticon mid-level is the same as Phonak mid-level.

Audiosync or any Stakey product is nowhere near as good as Oticon and Phonak, but if I have right, they are charging whatever the highest price is based on Phonak or Oticon for Audiosync. Obviously if you purchase Audiosync, you get fleeced. But IMO you get fleeced no matter what anyway, its just a matter of degree.

Go figure.

Dear valued customer,

We are devoted to your improved hearing health, and we sincerely apologize that your experience was less than satisfactory. We’d like to take the corrective steps to regain your trust and ensure your future experiences with Audigy Group, AGX technology, and your local AudigyCertified™ provider are satisfying ones. Since 2004, Audigy Group has been committed to delivering those with hearing difficulties the most effective, up-to-date technological solutions available, based upon their specific lifestyle and budgetary needs. Our AudigyCertified professionals have been hand-selected due to their commitment to comprehensive diagnostics and solutions, continuing education, and unsurpassed patient care standards. We regret your experience did not match this commitment. It will not happen again. Due to an industry-wide low satisfaction rate regarding hearing device fittings, Audigy Group has created a package for its customers to make certain they receive more than just technology when they invest in AGX devices—they receive a comprehensive hearing care plan, including loss and damage insurance, an industry-leading warranty, free batteries for the life of your devices, and customized fitting and verification of your devices. Nothing could be more important to us than regaining your trust, and we hope you will again give us the opportunity to assist you on your journey to better hearing.
Audigy Group

Audigy Group just puts their “AGX” name on other brand name aids so they can have set prices for multiple types of hearing aids. When you buy the top AGX level, you’re really buying the top Oticon or AudioSync or any of the other hearing aid companies that Audigy works with. Just some kind of marketing thing I think. I did a price comparison and found that I could get Oticon Agil’s for cheaper with the actual oticon name on it instead of “AGX.”

Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but how are Oticon’s in regard to moisture/sweat?

i accidentally wore mine into the shower. discovered them when i started to wash my ears, one came out and was completely underwater in the tub. jumped out, pulled the batteries, wiped them dry, put the batteries back in and prayed. one was dead, but it was the battery, not the aid, thank God!!!

Yeah, I finally understand their method. I just like knowing the brand name that I’m getting. Plus it’s easier to tell people a brand name they are actually familiar with.

As far as price goes, my ins covered 80%, so my out of pocket was next to nothing, plus I get a 75 day trial, 3 yrs warranty/loss/battery. And ! The 75 days starts over with each new trial ! Theres no additional cost to me and no rebilling of ins.

what a relief huh ! thats good to know.

I’m coming in late to this thread, but, I think pman is a bit confused about who and what Audigy Group is. Not sure how or where you got your info, pman, but, I’ve met numerous Audigy Group providers around the country. Many past presidents of the national assn for audiology are members, plus I saw a list of others, and they are top notch Audiologists around the country with research knowledge. As I understand, Audigy Group works with numerous manufacturers of hearing technology, but, it’s the Audiologist who should know what will work best for your needs. Not everyone fits an AGX 9 or 7 lifestyle, nor does everyone fit into the Phonak or Oticon models. The local Audigy Group Audiologist sells tech from 8 different manufacturers!! Most audiologists around the country get stuck in a mold and only work with 1-2; that’s not enough. I will argue the pricing information you listed as well. I know that the local Audigy audiologist’s price for their level 5 aid is less than what Newport Audiology and Sonus offer - plus there are many more benefits.
I also understand Audigy certifies their clinics and hold them to high ethics and patient satisfaction ratings. If you don’t trust your audiologists, why are you there? Let them help you find the right solution for your needs, and always remember that price is an issue in the absence of value.

Ive just gotten the new AGX9 and made by Oticon, Ive had them for over a month and they are wonderful in my opinion and its been very hot here in toledo oh, very humid outside, and I also ride my bike about 10 miles a days so i sweat alot, and i mean alot lol. Havent had one issue with the moisture related with weather or the sweat off my head, im very happy with these.

Can anyone suggest which brand is the top seller for moderate to severe? Thank you! Any reviews and comments on Agxo aids? Thank you:)

How could you meet numerous Audigy Group providers around the country unless you are a representative of Audigy Group.
You sure have a lot of info about a group that no one else seems to know anything about except that they sell other hearing aids from other companies and jack up the prices by a percentage to make indecent profit on the hearing loss of others.
This sounds like a hearing aid broker similar to an insurance broker who shops around for the best policy with the best commissions for him and ignores the fact that we are trusting him with our hard earned cash.
You sound like a representative of Audigy Group who had to stick his nose into a non-partisan forum to defend the company and to make sure that Audigy group outrageous profits stays in the black.
Who exactly are you? Post your facebook info and clear it up for us.


Your statement that " always remember that price is an issue in the absence of value", may be true if the patient you are treating has the funds or insurance to pay a $5Kplus set of hearing aids, but if they don’t or if it is a stretch then the value proposition while important doesn’t work. The high price of hearing aids cuts out a vast swath of the market. Hearing aids are part medical and part consumer products., but up this point in time, hearing aid companies have largely ignored the consumer marketplace and have tried to keep their partnership with audiologists intact. Costco has tried to change this dynamic and is wildly successful so far. I am sure that others will follow as the baby boomers, of which I am one, realize that they need hearing aids and look at the costs involved and push the marketplace to lower their price point while increasing their value!

Not all Audigy aids are $5K plus for a set. There are 5 levels of technology available, and level 1 aids are closer to $2K for a pair. It depends what level technology your lifestyle requires.

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