Audible audio book app

I have ReSound Quattros with the highest tech level. I enjoy streaming audio books and what I use is the library app, Libby. Books download to my phone from the app and then I stream the book.

I was gifted a 3-month subscription to Amazon’s Audible for Christmas. Honestly, I’m not that thrilled with the gift because I don’t particularly want to own audiobooks. Borrowing them is just fine with me. But I do want to use the 3 credits I have.

Are some folks listening to books via hearing aids and the audible app? How’s that working?

No experience with it at all. From a phone data use perspective, it would seem possible that you can use home WiFi to download the audio file without using cellular data, and listen to it when you want. With a system that download as you listen to it, you could end up using cellular data when not in WiFi range, if that is how it works.

I wear Oticon Opn and enjoy streaming Audible to my aids via my iPhone 8. It requires much less listening effort on my part when I stream audio books vs listening on an external speaker like my car’s, etc.


Thanks for the feedback. So, hopefully my ReSound experience will be similar. I am going to give it a try within the next few days.

I’d be downloading the books over my home wi-fi, for sure. Thanks.

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It works fine for me. I’m not really certain why I use audible when I also download books with my library card and really should stop paying for Audible monthly. I signed up because there were some I needed to read that weren’t available in our library system. It was a valid reason but then turned into a habit. Perhaps first think of audiobooks you wanted or needed to read, or perhaps some you want to own. Then mark your calendar for time to cancel after your first free months? (I can hear well with certain headsets that fit around (not just on) the ears. I use these for 15 to 20 minutes worth of audiobooks when turning in for the night. Just set a timer on your cell to turn off or the book will run on during the night!)

Thanks for the advice. I’m looking forward to giving Audible a try, as you, for a few books that I haven’t seen on Libby yet.

You can join Audible use your credits and then just cancel your subscription.

To be honest I think audible is great as they have a facility that if you start a book and dont like it you can return it and purchase a new one with your credit although I dont think you could do it too often.

For the 1 book monthly subscription you get a fantastic choice and the book is downloaded instantly so you dont have to wait in a queue for a book plus the website is excellent with book descriptions, reader reviews and samples of the first couple of chapters that you can listen to prior to purchase

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I have phonak ha’s and compilot 2 as my streamer. I cannot get it to work with my kindle aidiobooks! Im connected via bluetooth, but can’t hear a thing. The audio on the book is counting down but im getting no sound

Oh my…that must be so infuriating. I’ve had good news though. I downloaded my first Audible book, through the App, and listened to it for about 8 hours on my Iphone 11. It streamed to my ReSound Quattros without any problems. I didn’t have to re-pair my aids at any point.

Does anyone listen to audio books via Bluetooth with the marvel 90? I’m new to Bluetooth HA…yesterday I opened Audible and it streamed direct to my HA no problem. Today it will not do it at all. I’ve checked everything I can think of, Bluetooth definitely on etc, no settings changed from when it worked yesterday …any ideas? TIA

I have no insight into what’s up. I can only offer that the Audible app has been solid for me with my iPhone 11 and the ReSound app.

I just got into Audible today. Is there a free way to listen or is Audible required??

There might be a one-book free trial. I’m not sure. I was gifted a 3 month package, which is 3 credits, one each month, to spend on one book. I think it’s about $15 US/monthly credit with this package. And they have a few short things you can choose 1-2 from each month free.

Mostly I listen to free books via my town library system, through the Libby App. You just input your library and card number and then you can download books to listen to for 14 days each. I think up to 3 at a time. It works really well and I’ve saved my Audible gift for 2 books not in my library collection. There are often long waits for popular books at the library, though. Something about how the publishers are being stinkers in terms of how many licenses they’ll sell to the libraries and at what cost.