Has anyone of you that has experenced sudden hearing loss taken Atenolol for high blood pressure?

I went totally deaf in my left ear in less than 2 weeks. A friend of mine did the same thing and he claims it was the Atenolol, which I also take.

have you reserched the medicain on like webmd etc.

Risks for Atenolol don’t include hearing loss in published warnings. However: a lot of reports that indicate it is a risk factor. A friend of mine and myself have both experenced sudden total hearing loss. We both take/took Atenolol.

Metoprolol (Lopressor) – hundreds of alternative Blood Pressure Meds

Aspirin – probably the biggest contributor to tinnitus.

Plavix – article suggests bad side effects

Lipitor – besides the fact there is no Clinical proof that Statin drugs provide any relief in prevention of Heart disease or Heart Attack

Ranexa –

Lisinopril –

I stopped using Lisinopril and went to Atenolol I have no issues so far…

From a performance standpoint I have had good luck with Atenolol and an added benifit is it completely eleminated my migraines. However, of 18 Beta Blockers only 3 are considered to be free of causing hearing problems.

Further investigation indicates numerous cases of sudden hearing loss where Atenolol is suspect. I’m going to ask my Dr. to consider one of the “safe” alternatives.


Medicare spent THOUSANDS on tests for me after a stent implant required me to take Plavix. Short story, it’s BAD for me.

I suffered for 10 of the 18 months I was required to take it before I was given Reglan to minimize the effects. A week after I stopped taking Plavix I was normal.

BTW Reglan is not really good for you either. At present I am putting off another heart cath until they can come up with an alternative to Plavix. I didn’t have a choice on the first one, I was feeling bad.

Doctor claims he has an alternative but I feel good and “if it aint broke I don’t want to fix it”.

Gotta love the commercials on TV for the various drugs. This fixes XYZ … side effects may include dizziness, muscle pain, heart attack, and so on. I love the ones where the side effects may include suicidal thoughts or suicide itself … for real, I’m not making that up … that is what they say in the commercials. So take these drugs to fix this problem with the possibility that the side effects may be 10 times worse … or may even kill you. HELLO!!! Some of these drugs create more problems than they resolve, or more major problems at the least. What has this world come to? Am I living in that science fiction movie a bunch of years back?