Artone bluetooth loopset

Hello - I am new to the forum.

I just purchased the Artone bluetooth neckloop from The purchase was based on the threads I read on the forum so I thought I post to share my experiences.

First off, I am very happy w/ my buying experience w/ My questions were answered promptly and I received my Artone BT neckloop this Friday based on a UPS 2nd day shipping option.

Right off the box and after charging, I got the Artone paired & worked w/ my Treo 700wx in less than 5 minutes. My hearing aids are a new pair of Siemen Centra mini canals w/ Tcoil. One of the 3 programs on the Siemen is for the Tcoil, selectable via a button on the hearing aid or a remote control. The sound was great. I have to bump the program volume up in noisier environment.

The other thing that I have always wanted to do is to use the Artone BT loopset w/ my computer via a Bluetooth adapter. I had tried this before w/ an ELI BT loopset but it did not work at all - I ended up returning the ELI (a much more expensive option). With the Artone, it took me 5 minutes to pair & connect to my computer. I can now listen to music on my computer w/o any visible headset.

The Artone allows me to use my new hearing aids to their fullest potential. I also like the different charging options that come w/ it: USB charger cable, AC adaptor & car adaptor.

I have waited for 3 months for a device like the Artone.

I will update again as I gain more experience w/ it.

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Thanks for posting!

I have not tried linking with my laptop via bluetooth and the Artone’s so I am glad you were able to do so very easily.

The linking is very simple on the Artones and we are trying to get a hold of more bluetooth transmitters to test on the TV, etc for better hearing on TV, MP3, etc.

So far, we have tried them with multiple hearing aids with telecoil and they have worked very well.

We are also currently testing another loopset by Maxit, yet the drawbacks are the large size and being able to charge via USB or car charger only, whereas the Artone’s come with a great design to allow charging via USB, car charger or via a wall plug. In addition, the large MAXIT requires you to remove the battery to charge.

One question:

On the ELI you used, I am assuming that you also used the neckloop adaptor and the telecoils on your Siemens right? Did you have a chance to use it with a BTE?

I am just wondering if it was more a problem with the telecoil loop strength that did not work well with you. Also, we have heard many reports of difficulty linking devices other than popluar cellphones with the ELI’s.

I used a neckloop w/ the adaptor for the ELI. I did not have a chance to use the ELI w/ BTE.

I got the ELI to pair w/ my cell phone ok, but the sound is weak. The main reason I returned it was that I could not use it w/ my computer BT. I talked w/ Starkey tech support, went out & bought a new BT adapter but did not get anywhere w/ it I could not justify the expensive price tag (approx. $600 from my dispenser).

How did you manage to play music through your Artone?
I managed to pair the Artone with my laptop, but then the Artone only produced ringtones…, no music.

I am curious how you fixed that,