Are You Successful in Connecting KS10s Directly to Windows 10 via Bluetooth?

I have been able to use my KS10s with my Android phone and tablet, iPad, TV Connector, and a Linux laptop, but not Windows 10. I have tried with my inbuilt BT card, also with the same USB BT dongle that works in Linux. I’m able to pair them in Windows, but not have them show up as an audio device. I’ve turned them off and on, and various other typical BT troubleshooting exercises (I’m a tech guy). If you are successful and using an external USB dongle, which one are you using that works?

Not your question but I have a W10 laptop with built-in BT and it works fine. Was there something about maximum pairings (without searching it out).

The dongle or BT card has got to support the correct bluetooth profiles.

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I use KS9s, not KS10s, but they work with my Windows 10 desktop and a Insignia BT USB adapter (like this:

I suspect if you unpair the aids from all devices and/or turn the other devices off that they would connect up ok to computer.

The KS10 can be connected to two devices at a time, but I have the others one turned off BT wise.

I don’t have an issue with my Marvel which is equal to KS9, rather then KS10, connecting to my Windows 10 built in Bluetooth.

I have KS10’s and a Dell XPS Windows 10 laptop with a built-in BT that usually works but sometimes it is just paired, not connected. In addition, it has a highly annoying tendency to drop the connection when I get a call or text msg. on my iPhone. Then if I am streaming a radio station, the station repeatedly starts and stops streaming, even if I try to stop it. To fix this, I need to refresh (reload) the web page.

I bought an ASUS BT dongle that works about the same as the built in BT except it has a bit more range. I ended up moving the dongle to my Windows 10 desktop where I use it only occasionally. But it seems to stay connected better.

I had the same problem . Connection to everything except the Windows computer. Tried a few dongles with inconsistent results until I got the Sennheiser dongle that works great. Got it on eBay for $10. I think some are still listed.

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I bought 2 different other USB dongles to try beyond what I have, as in my experience the chipset can be a difference maker. I will report back. I had used a Senheisser dongle before, and am not against getting one again; but they are expensive, even used. Do we know if there’s a big difference between the Sennheiser BTD 500 and BTD 800?

Mine is the BTD 500. I found the Ebay link, an Arizona seller. She seems to have a lot of them but just raised the price from $10 to $35. But she takes offers so you could probably get one for 1/2 - free shipping. But installing it involves more than just plug-in, you have to change some settings, comes with good instructions.

In case someone else is looking, this is the eBay seller in AZ: Sennheiser BTD 500 USB - - USB Bluetooth Transmitter Never used New in box | eBay

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I can confirm that this USB BT dongle works on Windows 10 with my Kirkland KS10 HAs.

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Update, the DG45 is a BT 5 device but was having stutter issues. I had also bought a TP-Link BT 4 device at the same time with a different chipset from (Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.) I just swapped them, and the TP-Link device paired right away. In case someone needs this, this is the device I am now using: (n this case BT 5 is not necessarily better than BT 4).

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Interesting, thanks for letting us know.