Apple Watch and Starkey Livio

I feel like this has to have been covered but I cannot find it. My insurance is totally covering the cost of Starkey Livio 1000s. They are as good as any of the three brands I’ve tried. Would the Starkey Livios be able to pair with/have the Thrive app on an Apple Watch? I don’t love pulling out my phone and would prefer to handle changes from my iphone.

I don’t have a Starkey, but I just checked the Starkey Thrive Hearing Control listing in the App Store, and it doesn’t mention the Apple Watch. Usually, as with the Oticon On app that I use, it mentions the Apple Watch app if it offers it and/or has a little watch symbol somewhere in the listing. For example, when I use my iPad to go to the listing for Oticon On, it has the watch symbol and a line that says Offers iPhone and Apple Watch Apps. (Since I’m checking with my iPad, the listing is for the iPad app; thus only the other two are specifically mentioned in that line.) But, like I said, I don’t have a Starkey, and someone else might have better info.

Another thought: I can access the Made for iPhone controls from my Apple Watch and set the Oticon S volume level and program without using the Oticon On app. You can probably do that much with your Apple Watch even if there isn’t a Starkey app for It.


I have Starkey Livio 2400 aids and an Apple Series 5 watch. I cannot get audio from a phone call to my aids.

Phone calls can be answered on the watch, but the audio comes from the speaker. While the audio is reasonably clear, it’s still a struggle to hear everything comfortably. I much prefer the audio go to my aids.

I spoke with Apple Tech Service and was informed that at the present time audio from phone calls only goes to the hearing aids when using an iPhone.
Wish I knew that before I purchased the watch with cellular service.

The Thrive app does not show up on the app screen of the watch, so the only way to adjust the aids is through an iPhone.

I primarily bought the watch for the health apps, but I am disappointed about the audio.

Right now if you go to the Apple store unfortunately you will see it is not compatible with Apple Watch. I hope they fix that in the future. I also have the livio edge hearing aids.