Apple releases iPhone 12 software fix for MFi hearing aid issues

Available for download now

Posted here

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Both long running threads. I installed about 3 hours ago.


Has anyone who had issues with their HA or CI and the Apple iPhone 12 gotten the software update? If so, did it solve the issue?

I have a CI and a ReSound HA, and don’t want to lose my iPhone X crystal clear reception when streaming.


Any users who can share if the software update fully solved the issue? Thanks!

The iOS 14.2.1 update is only for the iPhone 5G 12 lineup. Users of older iPhones are not getting it.

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The fix worked for me. iPhone 12 with the iOS update 14.2.1 for my Resound Lynx 3D hearing aids.

I had to re-pair them and replace my HA batteries – it seems to work great now.

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