Apple iPhone and Telecoil Use?

I tried out a friend’s iPhone the other day with the telecoil setting and immediately noticed there was too much interference for me to use it with the incessant buzzing sounds it gave. I was wondering if this might vary with each phone, and whether it’s possible I could use a neckloop or bluetooth as a work around. Has anyone else had any success in using an iPhone with their hearing aids?

I too had a phone that the t-coil setting made it buzz.

All that went away when i started to use the Artone loopset

Good luck

Tom h

It may work with Bluetooth, but the iPhone isn’t hearing aid compatible.

So what is the answer to using iphone with hearing aides already filling ear canal? Everything out there seems to be earbuds? Seems like the old fashioned headphones with ear cushions allowing some distance from the hearing aid. Where is this to be purchased?

The iPhone does work with bluetooth. I have a Clearsounds CLA7 BT neckloop with the HA in telecoil mode

EDIT: Was not clear. I can hear well with iPhone to HA sweet spot with Phonak nios micro. Telecoil mode use directly from receiver to HA won’t work

Will the iPhone work when used w/ Phonak iCom? Have plans to replace my current older cell w/ an iPhone.

Yes, it does. I have an iPhone and an iCom, and they work well together. I’d happily give you a call so you can hear the sound quality - which is typical bluetooth headset quality. Send me a pm if that would help.

cjw, Thank you! When I get closer to purchase time I’m going to take you up on your offer!

No problem. Glad to help. I’ve had plenty of help and advice on here, so it’s only fair that I give something back.

Hi, can anyone give me a rough idea of what the volume is like with the iphone? I quite often forget to charge my icom & want to know if I will be able to hear when using the phone without the icom, I normally take out my HA when using my Nokia without the icom & can still just manage to hear the caller? Unfortunately none of my friends have an iphone for me to test myself.


I use my iPhone OK without the iCom. Once you have the sweet spot right it works well. Don’t bother with the phone mode though - it makes everything ‘boomy’ by emphasising the low frequencies. In a noisy background such as air-conditioning in an office, it is unbearable

Well I caved in and got an iphone 3gs and I am happy to report that using it without the icom or HA’s is fine, it has great volume and is much better than my nokia. I haven’t actually used it with the icom yet as I am so busy playing with everything else & noone has called me:rolleyes:, the visual voicemail is a great boon for hoh folks too.

Well you have an iphone now and bluetooth works with it well, if you choose to buy another phone, you can now see how hearing aid compatible it is on the side of the box. Thanks to laws passed in 2006 to make phones more compatible with hearing aids.