Apple iOS 17 has been released

Apple just released iOS 17. I’ve installed it on my iPhone 14 Pro Max and no issues so far with my Phonak Lumity L90-RT hearing aids. Proceed with caution as this is a major release. I checked the release notes and I don’t think there are any new features for hearing aids. Please post if you find something interesting…



…I don’t think there are any new features for hearing aids…

There are new features for hearing aids in iPadOS 17, for those who also own recent Apple AirPods, Beats, or PowerBeats headphones: the addition of Apple’s Health app, which has been on the iPhone for years but not the iPad until this OS release.

One needs the Health app to map an audiogram to these playback devices, which can give these devices a much more natural sound for music, movies, etc. There are webpages (including in our forums) describing the process of setting this up. Try:


I’m experiencing issues with notifications not being streamed to my Widex aids, in particular WhatsApp notifications.

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Update - it seems to be a general iOS notification issue

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Yes I just updated my iPad this afternoon (uk)

People think I’m mad for liking this but my talking clock every 15 minutes has stopped working!

Hopefully they’ll up date the App!

I can’t wear watches and being told every 15 minutes the time, is quite handy!

Yep, Zebras, I think you’re mad.
My landlord has several chiming clocks. the large one chimes every 15 minutes, and plays a long tune every half hour. The other two are slightly off and play their chimes every half hour independently of the large one and each other.
It drives me bonkers. When my landlord is away and I have access to his house I like to play my guitar in his living room, which has a vaulted roof. The acoustics are fantastic! Like playing in a Church. The first thing I do is silence the effing chiming clocks.
again, they drive me mad.

I think a chime would drive me mad as well!

My family think I’m mad for liking the speaking clock as well. :rofl: At least mine says 11:45am for example rather than a chime. Plus it’s quick.

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What might be cool is if had a voice like, say, Groucho Marx. Or Daffy Duck.

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