Apple Accessibility announcement

Update from Apple today via MacRumours here.

Looks like we will be able to connect to the Mac directly with Made for iPhone Hearing Aids at last without using the ConnectClip! This will be for select Mac devices with M1 chip and all Mac devices with M2 chip only. I have a MacBook Pro M2 so I’m delighted this is finally coming!


This IS good news! Thank you for sharing.

John L.


Excellent news! I suppose that will come with the new Mac OS, right? Do you know any way we could preview that, like enrolling in the beta test program or something like that?

I suspect so alongside iOS17 knowing Apple. You can just enrol for their beta programs for public access once released but it’ll probably be buggy initially.


Accessibility? I’m still waiting for Apple to add simple on-screen quick-adjust tone controls: bass&treble, cut&boost - as defined by Peter Baxandall in 1950 and used in millions of radios and music players to the present day. Just fine for clarifying a mumbled voice, or beefing up a spot of music.
I wrote twice to Apple’s accessibility director, and she promised (once) to make my points to the developers. What we still get is useless EQ presets, hard to get at, for ‘pop/classical/beat’ etc etc.

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I have Intel iMac 27" 2019, so will I be discriminated as hearing impaired with “not selected iMac”?

It will only work with the Apple M2 chips, and select M1 chips so if you are like me with the Intel chips then we are SOL.


If I buy an M2 Mac today, will MFi feature work when a new IOS comes out that supports it?, or do I need to wait to buy M2 Mac after the MFi feature is released.
I went to Apple site and read the news release dated May 16th, then went to Apple chat window with a specialist. Apple chat specialist said they have no info avialable to answer this question. Other question was “how do I know which select M1 Mac to buy if I want this feature?” No answer is available for this question either, according to Apple Chat agent.
I do think I was chatting with a human, and not a chat-bot.

Yes, it will work with all M2 Macs. I have a M2 MacBook Pro so it will have this feature once the new MacOS has been released in the autumn. There will be more information at WWDC in June.