Anyone using Siemens Triano Hearing Aids?

Thinking of getting Siemens hearing aids. Anyone have them or know of anyone who does that can give feedback?

I have tried the Siemens Triano hearing aid but returned it before my trial period was over. The hearing aid specialist sold me on all the various features like directionality, noise reduction & numerous channels of correction. In the end, I felt like there wasn’t a huge improvement over my old hearing aids and in some situations it was even worse. What you should try is the Innova hearing aid from Sonic Innovations which I am presently very happy with. With these hearing aids I can hear a huge difference in the reduction of extraneous noises as well as improvement in my ability to discriminate words. I have tried various manufacturers and nothing comes close to the Innova’s performance. And I don’t want to get into my bad experience with Beltones. That’s another story…

Siemens hearing aids are very good in general. Yet, a lot of the end experience depends on the qualifications and ability of the audiologist or hearing aid dispenser you deal with.

I would recommend checking into the people you will work with before making a choice on which hearing aid set to buy.

My $.02.