Anyone using or have used Starkey Remote Microphone +?

Do these table mics work? The mic + also streams to HA from a connected device. Would be nice to connect to a landline phone and be able to stream to the HA

@Blacky has commented on them.

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Maybe @Blacky will see this and respond, I’m not having any luck with search.

She doesn’t use Starkey so won’t be able to help, I have to ask, have you not asked uncle Google for reviews?

I found this in 10 sec

Yes I have seen that but looking for real situation use on the mic+. I know what Starkey says it will do but wondered if anyone here had one that could give an opinion on how well it actually works.

I have found a ton of conversations on the Roger stuff.

I get ya, is it not possible to trial one from a local audiologist clinic, you could then write up the very first review in real world experience.

Yeah quite a bit that’s for sure, just shows how popular Phonak has become.
Can’t help noticing that the Starkey table mic looks a bit like Phonaks Rodger Select microphone, it’s got Beam forming as well, and other similar features, one would think it would work in a similar way, they make similar clams.

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My audiologists was going to have one for me to try at my visit Thursday but like every thing else it’s on back order. I’m sure she will let me try it for a few weeks and bring it back if I don’t find it useful. She did say they can be used to plug into landline phone to stream to HAs, which will be my main use for it.

The table mic does seem interesting. I’ll ask her about it also to see if it’s useful in a restaurant environment. She said the remote mic would work if clipped close to the speakers mouth. I would prefer a mic placed on the table that would pick up everyone at the table wo being overwhelmed with table noise, silverware, glasses etc. which is what she said the remote mic didn’t do well.

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No new posts on this item? My AuD will have one charged up and ready to demo tomorrow when we pick up our Evolv 2400 RIC R aids. It is most likely that my wife will find this quite useful both at work and at home. I look forward to being able to turn down the TV and have this little bugger stream it to her while it sits near the TV. I will report back what I find out.