Anyone tried REXTON REACH hearing aids? Are disposable battery versions coming?

Hey everyone,

I’m considering getting the REXTON REACH hearing aids, but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used them. How’s your experience been? Are they comfortable to wear, and do they provide good sound quality?

Additionally, does anyone have any information if REXTON might release a version of the REACH with disposable batteries?

It would be really helpful to know before I make a decision.

Thanks in advance for any insights or advice you can offer!

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I don’t have the Reach yet. I’m still waiting for it to get to Costco, but its predecessor the Bi-Core is excellent and the reach is built on its technology

The Rexton Reach is a rebranded version of the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX. Identical. Another poster who has the Signia IX loves it. Check comments from Morgan1946 in the link.

The previous generation of both the Rexton (Bi-Core) and Signia AX did have a battery version, which is encouraging. However, the Signia Pure C&G IX has been out since last September and so far no battery version. So, I wouldn’t expect anything soon from Rexton since they always lag behind Signia.

have always been anti rechargeable but since I get my aids from the VA we agreed they would be returnable for the 312ax if recharging was a problem. I’ve kept a daily log and I average between 16 and 18 hours with lots or TV via their TV connector or Bluetooth from my Fire. Never have been lower than 60%. I get 3 full recharges from the mobile chargers before it needs charged.


Trialing Signia Charge and Go IX. Quite good. Same as Rexton Reach?

Ye, they are the same as Rexton Reach.

I was fitted with the new Rexton Reach last week. I had been using Phonak HA aka KS10, but Costco dropped Phonak. I really loved the Phonak HA, but they are 5 yrs. old and had battery issues. I tried out the Jabra HA at Costco. I returned them because they had horrible Bluetooth connection problems. As HA they worked for me. The Rexton Reach has better Bluetooth for my devices. But sadly, Phonak had the very best Bluetooth and it’s hard for other companies to work as good. I am not happy how my Rextons were fitted. I don’t have very good phone control and I think that may be because of the fitting session. I am trying to locate a copy of the fitting software and try out some of the HA options and programs. The audiology part of the fitting is fine The Rexton App is ok but doesn’t access any options of the HA. It has AI which will tweak the HA settings. AI in my opinion is a very green banana.

So this will be my third set of Rexton HA as I have used them twice over the last 25 years.

After I get my hands on the fitting sw and can tweak the available options I will post more info. BTW, you don’t need your own fitting sw to tweak the options, you can have the audiologist do that for you. But it’s my nature to try and get as much as I can from electroinics.

Additionally, if you have a wireless charging mat or pad you can just throw the mobile charger/case on (I have mine on my nightstand) and be done with it. To basically never think about the charging again.
In the first year of using my AX Signias I’ve never heard the low battery jingle, and when it finally happened I was very confused because I couldn’t figure out what was going on…

Got my Rexton Reach today replacing KS10 s and so far I’m impressed, interested in Wayne1 results with fitting software

1st full day with Rexton Reach, great battery life 14 hours with 4 hours of audiobook streaming 60% charge remaining. I find I have better speech understanding then my KS 10’s. I have not been to a noisy restaurant yet, that will be the best test. The bluetooth sound for audio books and phone calls is a little better than my KS 10’s but just like my KS 10’s I get a little signal interruption when my phone is in my front pocket and the signal has to pass thru my body. With the KS 10’s some games on my IPhone 14 Pro would interrupt the bluetooth streaming sound of audio books this does not happen not with the Rexton’s

I got the Reach only a few days ago so I am not speaking from much experience as yet, although as far as my experience as a wearer of hearing aids I have been at it, unfortunately, for about 20 years having lost much of my hearing in a single event many years ago. In a month or so I will provide a longer review of my experience with the Reach.
Today I went to a restaurant and tried the HAs out for the first time in a noisy environment. I was only with one friend so I cannot speak to how well it works in a larger group setting around a table. I set the directional setting in the automatic program to focus the narrowest beam directly in front of me as I faced my friend. I was able to hear him speaking with fantastic clarity in part because most of the substantial background noise was eliminated and also due to the exceptional voice sound quality I’m getting from these aids.
I’ve gone through 6 or 7 hearing aids over the years and improvement has always been incremental with Oticon. These Rextons are a dramatic step forward for me personally.
I can also say that the Bluetooth connectivity has been fine so far, but it would be premature to come to any definitive conclusion in that regard.
Again, this is only a very preliminary impression so keep that in mind.


First party with my Rexton Reach about 40 people outside. Mostly used automatic with no problems. When setting at a round table with 8 people I found that front focus 180’ worked very well and blocked out sounds from other tables. Indoors at breakfast table of 6 again front focus 180’ worked very well. Overall much better than my KS 10’s. Bluetooth streaming sound quality is also better than the KS 10’s I still need to get into a noisy restaurant that is where I had most of my problems with KS10’s. As for a replicable battery hearing aids I found that sweat would block the holes in the zinc air batteries and shut down my aids, sweat is not a problem with rechargeable aids


Olive Garden with Rexton Reach, fairly full restaurant setting on the same side in a booth wife to my right. Turned on right only for direction and all was good the Reach turned down every one but my wife. So far I haven’t found any thing I don’t like about the Reach.


What phone are you connecting to? Thanks.

What phone are you using? Thanks.

I am using a I phone 14 Pro and IPhone SE 2nd Edition

I wonder if the new Reach owners could comment about use for phone calls with an android phone such as disconnect problems, etc. Thanks