Anyone ideas to reduce scratching noise when putting on glasses?

I am new to hearing aids and have moderate high end loss in both ears. I have a pair of Starkey behind the ear hearing aids. I wear reading glasses and, since I live in Arizona, I wear sunglasses frequently. Is there any way that I can reduce the very loud scratching sound when I put on and take off glasses?

That is a remark that a number of new users have made. It relates to being a new user. Many new sounds heard are annoying at first. The brain does a great job of minimizing such sounds over time.

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I also have a LOT of the shuffle-shuffle noise from wearing reading glasses or sunglasses. It’s especially irksome when I combine a sunHAT that seems to push down on the sunglasses and shuffle them around even more!

The problem for us who wear BTE/RIE aids is that the mic is positioned at the TOP of the aid, pointing up at the ceiling - or the eyeglass frame, as the case may be. If you cover that mic with any material, your sound quality will be diminished noticeably.

I guess HA manufacturers put the mic on TOP of the power unit instead of, say pointing backwards (at a person standing behind you, f’instance), to try to achieve the best quality sound. By no means is this mic placement as ideal as IN the ear (a configuration used if you have custom ear molds with the mic/receiver inside the case).

This very annoying feature of glasses, hair, hats, et al, rubbing on TOP of the mic is something that proves to me: aids were invented by folks with perfect hearing, who have not a shred of an idea what it’s like to WEAR the device day in and day out.

I guess our only recourse is to put up with it and get used to it.