Anyone have the actual firmware files for Phonak hearing aids?

Does anyone know where these files are, or how to get them? I don’t have any wireless programmers or the Phonak Target software, if nobody has it then I can try to mess with the Phonak Target app to see if I can get it out and I purchase some hardware if needed.

No, actually your looking at this wrong, the correct and super easy way is to use target and a Noahlink wireless to upgrade your firmware, so even if you could “find” a separate firmware file you couldn’t do anything with it without target and Noahlink wireless, as you cannot connect the Noahlink directly to the HAs without target.


I want the firmware file so it can be analyzed and make a desktop app for myself to control the hearing aids from the PC and to make my own volume remotes. Do you know where to buy the Target app and Noahlink?

Wow I don’t think your gonna be able to do that without some major work from yourself, but you can do that anyway with win11 now right? Phonak is classic Bluetooth so you should be able to connect as a headset.
Noahlink wireless is available on eBay and Amazon marketplace.

I don’t think you can do that, making changes to the firmware. If you want to update your hearing aids and if there is any firmware update, Target will let you know. You have to buy the Noahlink Wireless from eBay.

With the app you can modify a program and save it as a new app program, for a specific situation or location, and switch to it manually on the app.

Wow please don’t do that!
Hearing aids are medical devices and have to potential to damage your hearing if you do wrong stuff (MPO!). Take the official App and do the adjustments which are intended.

Firmwares are specific for models, you cannot mess with them.

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Target will update the firmware on your Phonaks directly when available- without saving the files on your PC first. And there is no going back…

You might be better off trying to get or reverse engineer the ios or android app than the firmware. If you still want the firmware I think it will be hiding in the target app. Ask here.

Good luck

I do not recommend tinkering with the firmware because you can damage the hearing aids.

But, phonak has a widget and app for android. If you would like to connect a PC. then you should have some kind of emulator on windows pc that could use android apps and widgets. I don’t know how feasible it is, especially since you need to know how to connect bluetooth to a windows PC with that android emulator.