Anyone have info on the supposed upcoming “Widex Moment”? Will it replace the Evoke?

Found this article in another thread discussing ZPower and the leak of info through FCC filing that Widex has a new LiON solution coming out.

This article also talks about “Widex Moment”
Which will sport this new tech. Anyone have info on this? Would it replace the Evokes?


I am curious about this as well… anyone know if Widex will be updating the technology for their hearing aid platform this year besides adding the lithium ion rechargeable option?

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Well Evoke HA’s are still pretty new on the market, though brand names changes can happen quicker than you think. Interesting article and I had to laugh at the description of the Moment - looks a bit like a pregnant Passion. Wonder what stage of pregnancy?

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Widex just came out with an upgraded Evoke called the ERB2D that still uses z-power.
My tech had called the Widex folks asking the very same question and the answer was “likely spring 2020”
My tech says that if the Evoke platform works for you just buy it, any new platform usually takes a season of customer feedback till they work out the kinks
Either way nothing outclasses Widex. their sound has very little manipulation and it is no wonder its the HA for many musicians.

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Neil - if you have a “link” regarding the Evoke ERB2D I’d be interested in viewing it. The “link” referred earlier in this discussion says the ERB2D will be a lithium-ion powered hearing aid and will (not) use z-power batteries. Looks to me as if the ERB2D HA will use a a 312 battery and mostly likely suited for someone with a mild to mid range hearing loss. Honestly I don’t think Widex can stay competitive in the HA market if they don’t switch to lithium-ion batteries soon.


Hey youbgone,
The Widex ERB2D is still under the evoke line.
It is a newer version Evoke that has a modified exterior case and a few minor adaptations and uses the Z-Power batteries as well as 312’s
Sometime in 2020 a Li-Ion HA will be introduced under a new platform called Moment.
If you have HA’s and can wait then likely their new Li-ion will catch up to you but it can be risky because all new lines have bugs that need to be worked out, so you may very well be the first guinea pig (just saying!)
If you are a Widex fan and need new HA’s then go for the Evoke’s ERB2D, the z-power batteries are not a problem any longer except that they need to be switched out every 4 1/2 months (based on my usage of 16Hrs/day with no streaming) and get it with the air dryer machine, it is useful if you are in any moist environments or go to a gym.
I’ve tried many HA’s and nothing comes close to the unvarnished quality sound Widex offers.

made a Pregnant Passion, enjoy my humor! (sorry, I tried)
but still, enjoy the funny

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Thanks for info, though I’ll be looking for Super Power aids or Ultra power in the future. Not sure this new Widex aid will have “power” I require. ERB2D is a very strange name for a hearing aid, though maybe wording will change to “the moment”. You’re spot on about buying/testing new HA when they first come out and potential bugs. Widex went the wrong direction with the Energy cell technology that never saw the day of light. They also stayed way, way too long with Z-power batteries, which have gotten awful reviews. And I’ve learned from experience when a HA manufacturer hints at a new year roll out - it could happen tomorrow and it could happen at the end of the year, or even later. Still nice to see Widex updating aids.

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Does anyone happen to have any information on a new platform update for the Widex Evoke (not just a battery Li-On update)? My audiologist told me that there might be an update in April and usually there’s a big industry conference during that time when they announce and release things.

I’ve been looking to purchase new hearing aids for awhile but wanted to wait in case Widex did an update…


Not very helpful but…

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Thanks for this! This is something.

My audiologist said same thing (that she’s heard of a new model coming out to replace the current gen Evoke). She wasn’t sure on timing but heard “spring” so could mean anytime now :slight_smile:

I’m holding off on trialing Widex until these new models come.

I see, thanks for the info! I have the Resound from Costco and they are just awful. I’m looking to get Widex hearing this time around as soon as I can.

Widex does have a good reputation among musicians. Since I’m a classical pianist I’m always looking for the best sound I can get from my HA. My audiologist told me to wait until after the new HA introductions in a few months as she had heard that the new Widex would be supporting Android streaming.

Search to look for Widex Moment on Youtube…here’s one of the clip: YouTube

Rasmus recently posted a link to a press announcement.

The information on the Widex compass GPS shows that the Widex Moment only supports iOS streaming, not ASHA, and may be able to upgrade the firmware later to support ASHA.

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