Anyone have experience with HearingLife (formerly AccuQuest)?

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I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with Hearing Life centers (formerly AccuQuest)? I believe these storefront hearing aid centers are owned and operated by Oticon/Demant–but just wondering if anyone knows for sure. Are they corporately owned or franchises?

I’ve been having trouble finding audiologists who really know Oticon products (most are more familiar with Phonak and ReSound). I thought that maybe a Hearing Life HIS or audiologist would know Oticon products better since they’re affiliated with Demant? I did call one Hearing Life center, and they said I’d have to pay $250 per ear as an “accession fee” because I did not buy my hearing aids from them. This would supposedly cover fees for adjustments and annual hearing aid check ups for the life of my hearing aids. Does anyone have any thoughts about or experiences with services offered through Hearing Life and associated costs? Thanks.

I go to a Hearing Life center in VA and I have had a good response with my HIS, and my oticon devices. I have been happy with her and I hope she don’t leave anytime soon because than I will have to find a new person. I wear OPN S 1, I bought my hearing devices from them so I don’t pay any fees. The also offer service plans but I am not sure if it covers hearing aids purchase elsewhere. It’s worth a try.

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Thanks for that feedback, @deafgirl1609. Much appreciated!

I got my first hearing aids from AccuQuest in WI. They worked and the experience was OK. However, I was more impressed with the experience at Costco when I got my second pair. I can’t confirm anything further as to ownership.

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