Anybody have a ReSound TV Streamer 2? need some help with mine


I got a ReSound TV Streamer 2 on eBay and didn’t notice in the listing that the AC adapter was not included. I see from other photos that ReSound’s AC adapter for this streamer consists of two pieces. One is a male standard USB plug with cable to a male micro USB plug, and the standard USB plug inserts into an AC adapter such as one used for small electronics and cell phones while the micro USB plug inserts into TV Streamer 2.

What I can’t find is the number of Volts and Amperes that would be marked on the plug, such as 5V and 2A. (The numbers are not in the User Guide.) If someone who has a TV Streamer 2 can check their own ReSound AC adapter and share those two numbers with me, I should be able to use or buy a generic plug that works with my micro USB cable without frying the thing. Thanks for checking.

Note this is the 2nd generation TV Streamer, SAS-3 or X26-SAS3 for relatively newer aids such as the newer Linx models. The 1st generation TV Streamer, X26-SAS2, for older aids such as the Alera models, used a different AC adapter with a mini, not micro, USB plug that doesn’t fit the SAS-3.



I just bought one today at Costco to replace one that died from a lightning strike at my house recenly. 5V 1A output.

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I haven’t gotten a TV Streamer yet (wife resistance!). But I was wondering if it’s the same adapter that’s used for the rechargeable Quattro charger, the Phone Clip+, and the Multi Mic - they all appear to take the exact same charger, 5 V, 1 A with a micro USB plug to the device to be powered. The model number of the adapter is PSA05A-050QL6 and I have been using the three adapters that I have for the aforementioned ReSound devices interchangeably.

P.S. @jay_man2 - what was your Costco price on the TV Streamer 2?

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@jay. Perfect. Thanks so much.

And yes, Jim, the Quattro charging cable should work fine. I do recall that Samsung uses micro USB connections to many of their phones. My son has a Samsung cell phone, and I think he left a charging cable for it here. I’ll see if I can find it or rig one up.

ReSound’s TV Streamers help me a lot. TV manufacturers used to make TVs with speakers that faced the viewer. Now they typically bounce sound off another surface, and it garbles the dialogue for me.

If it helps, you can market the purchase of a Streamer to your wife on the grounds that you can turn the sound on the set down and may be able to turn off the subtitles. If she’s worried that you’ll use it tune her out, what you can do is send the Streamer signal to one ear on the far side of her, and hear her speak to you in the ear closest to her. It works well for us.

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At Costco the streamer was $259.99 plus tax. When the Streamer 2 was first released it was $189.99 plus tax.



I should have asked @jay_man2 directly whether the TV Streamer 2 comes with the same model power adapter as used for the Quattro battery pack charger, the Phone Clip+, and the Multi Mic? I was just commenting that all the other accessories that I already have effectively use the same power adapter and wondering whether, officially by model #, the TV Streamer 2 is also a member of that club.



I have no idea what power adapter those accessories use. I only know what I can read off the plug for the Streamer 2.



That’s wasn’t what I asked you. My question was what’s the model number on the TV Streamer 2 power adapter? It would be interesting to know if it’s the exact same model adapter that’s used on the three other ReSound accessories that I own. That way, if one were going on a trip somewhere and taking one’s TV Streamer 2 plus the other stuff, one would only have to take one power adapter and cord to be using a power adapter that’s officially blessed by ReSound for all the devices involved here. And, also, anyone else who gets a ReSound accessory off eBay and finds this thread can figure out from the model # whether they got an official ReSound power adapter for the TV Streamer 2 or whatever or whether the reseller came up short and just substituted a brand X power adapter in the deal.

Just to repeat, the Quattro charging case, the Phone Clip+, and the Multi Mic all use the exact same model # PSA05A-050QL6 adapter, which is 5 V, 1 A, with a wire that is male USB-A to male micro-USB.

Thanks for providing the Costo price on the TV Streamer 2. I guess at this point I’ll wait a while to see what the fallout from the arrival of Made For Android is, as if nothing else, I may be wanting to put my $$$ towards a new phone that can run Android Q.

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Actually, ReSound may switch around power adapters that come with the devices to get the best price for itself possible from its suppliers. Looking at the North American datasheets supplied with the Quattro Charger, PC+, and the Multi Mic, the datasheets for the Quattro Charger and the Multi Mic show adapters like I have.

#1 - what all mine are (the actual cord length is MUCH longer, though?!?! - someone’s artistic license?)


The datasheet for the Phone Clip+ shows a different style (picture #2 below) than the adapter that ACTUALLY came with my PC+ (same as picture #1 above). The plugs below don’t even look like blades so picture #2 might be a publishing error!

#2 - Phone Clip+ N.A. datasheet


Finally, the TV Streamer 2 adapter (picture #3 below), again captured from the PDF for the North American datasheet looks rather different than any of these and the textual description at one point refers to “mini-USB adapter” end, “micro-USB” at another (scary!).

#3 - TV Streamer 2 N.A. datasheet


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The TV Streamer 2 I bought when they were released had a power setup like figures 11 and 12 for the Streamer.

The one I picked up and installed yesterday looks like figures 16 and 17, matching your other devices. I need to double check, but I think the model number is the same.



Thanks for checking! I’m actually a bit ignorant on mixing and matching USB chargers - I’ve put a micro- to USB-C adapter on a car charger and found that it doesn’t put out enough juice to charge my USB-C charging phone very rapidly and the phone sometimes complains that there’s water in the USB-C port (there’s not) - so I’ve foolishly done strange things and gotten funny results - perhaps risking an expensive phone at the same time!

I guess the main risk of mixing and matching chargers is just getting a poorly made 3rd-party device that doesn’t perform the way it should. Perhaps any trustworthy micro-USB charging device whose adapter is putting out 5 V, 1 A ought to be safe, including any micro-USB adapter from ReSound.

The following How to Geek article explains mixing and matching USB charging adapters. It basically says if you have a high-quality “name brand” charger, then both the Li-ion battery being charged and the charger will have the necessary chip intelligence inside of them to prevent bad things happening but cheap knock-off chargers may not.

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Yes, you can use any generic charger. In general you can use a charger with more capacity, but not less, so you could use a 2 amp charger.



Right. It’s considered important to match the V or volts number. Too many volts through the adapter can fry the device. Too few and it probably won’t work.

And it’s considered important not to use an AC adapter with a lower A or amps number than the device is specified to take. That can cause the device to overheat. But if the A number on the AC adapter is higher than what the device is intended to take, generally, the device only pulls the rated amps through the adapter, and everything works with no damage.

At least we don’t have to worry about polarity with AC adapters that use USB connections. Back in the day, using a generic power adapter with positive polarity on a device designed for negative polarity, or vice versa, either didn’t work or damaged the unit. But as I understand, USB adapters standardize the polarity so it’s no longer a worry.

I couldn’t find the Samsung charger, but I did locate a phone charging block at 5 volts and 2.1 amps and a micro USB cable, and those operate the TV Streamer 2 just fine. And I see an AC adapter with the right fittings and V and A ratings on Amazon for about nine bucks:

Thanks all for the advice and assistance.

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I use mine on the computer and just plug it into a USB port on the computer. Adapter looks the same as the Multi Mic.


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Not sure if you found answers but maybe this will help