Any tips for great mould fitting for customs?

I have unusually very straight ear canals. Whilst I have gotten custom moulds that work for me, they often still move around a bit and it takes multiple tries to finally get something manageable each time.

Any tips?

I get a physical impression each time and curious if an ear scan would make a difference. All the audiologists I’ve visited over the years have never done it though.

I try to sit very still when the impression is made, not talking or even unblocking my ears once the process has started. I’ve also tried with a small bite and ask for a deep impression - I used to wear CICs so comfortable with being a little uncomfortable for a bit to get it right.

I’ve also tried different materials from the classic acrylic to titanium and more recently silicon which I’m having some better success with.

The key for me has always been to move my jaws like I was eating while getting the impressions done.


Interesting. So moving instead of staying completely still could help!

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Yes staying completely still made my ear molds to uncomfortable while eating or talking even.

Something else i do when having my hearing tests, is that i don’t indicate that i hear the tones unless i am sure i heard them. Earlier on i would do as the audiologist said an guess about hearing the tones, but I never was able to understand speech with my aids. Now I don’t guess I know before I say and my aids are so much better adjusted for my needs.


Excellent! I’ll remember!

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Have you simply tried different manufacturers?

I had several made from one manufacturer, but some reason, I had so many issues. It didn’t matter is I sat still or moved my mouth, each one had different issues from way too small and falling out to too large and even scratching up my ear so badly I had to see a doctor and get medication. Had another from a second manufacturer and still physical issues.

Then I switched to a 3rd manufacturers and boom, they just worked without any issues. I assume the formula they use to make the mould (how they calculate how large or small from the cast in different areas) is different at different manufacturers.

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IMO you would be better off with moulds. You can have a vent put in the moulds as well.

I’ve had both hard and silicone moulds. The hard moulds took months of to and fro from the audiologist. Just for fine tuning the hard mould so it didn’t cause pain.

I’ve been using a silicone mould now for over 12 months. My aud connected it and put it on and there it’s stayed. No adjustments required. I find the silicone one a tad more difficult to get in the right spot. But overall it’s far more comfortable than the hard mould.

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