Any experience with HeardThat app?


Any experience with this app (available for both Android and iPhone), that is supposed to help with speech understanding in loud environments, using the phone’s mic, cleaning out the noise from the voice and then streaming it over the HA?

The app is not free are the fee is relatively but if it does well what it promises, it might be worth it!

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks!

I think there may be other apps that do the same thing but don’t charge. I don’t like paying for something up front before I can test it.

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I tried an App that was meant to help.

It had a huge echo and massive delay in sound.

It was deleted very quickly.

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The same with me.
Too much delay (echo). Deleted it as well.
Maybe it’s improved now…

@hass5744 can you suggest one? Actually Heardthat gives you one month free trial, and I will be testing it, I just wanted to know your opinions about it.
@sterei did you try Heard that or another similar one?

I tested HeardThat in October 2021.
They blamed my old cell phone for tbe poor performance (Galaxy S7 back then)
Maybe they improved it since then. Maybe it also works better with a newer phone.

OK, I’ll test it out and let you know!

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OK, i tried it.

Noise reduction is great and the audio is very good.

Problem is that the lag is pretty big. It almost makes it unusable, especially if you get to hear the speaker’s real voice…

That’s a pity because, as I said, the noise reduction and speech enhancement are impressive…

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By the way, I’ve got an iPhone 13 so the lag can be due to the phone being old…