Android Vs iPhone with Phonak Audeo Paradise P90s

My iPhone just bit the dust, and I need a new phone. I used Android until I got my Starkey Halo years ago and switched to an iPhone. I now have Phonak Paradise P90s and would like to return to Android, but I want to ensure it will be a good decision. I am tech-savvy and don’t mind tweaking the settings to get things set up. I want to make sure that with the correct settings, the hearing aids will work well. I am looking at the Samsung S23 Ultra, but I will use an iPhone 14 if that works better. Any advice based on experience is appreciated! I realize this has been asked before, but a lot changes in the tech world in a year since this was last asked.

The Samsung works fine with the P90s.

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Google Pixel 7 works tons better with my Starkey Evolv than it did with Samsung s21.

Found that my Samsung tablet (can’t remember model, but it’s just 4 months old) didn’t work well with my GArmin exercise equipment, and the Pixel 7 was flawless with the Garmin.

The 23 has BT 5.3, so that’s good, the 21 did not.


No concerns at all with P90s and S21 Ultra. S series phones have always been fine with my aids (and everything else) since the S8.

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Z Flip 3 and P90R. Work as advertised.

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I have the same aids and a Sony Xperia 10, which is now almost 2 years old so may not interest you. I admit I don’t have much to compare it to as they are my first BT aids, but I find the compatibility quite good.

One problem for me is that some apps (like Whatsapp) will often ‘play’ sounds even when the volume is set to 0 and the phone unlocked. When they do this it still causes the hearing aid to switch into streaming mode, even though no sound is played. I’m sure this is lazy coding by the app developer.
I don’t know if an iPhone would handle this better; in any case it’s not a deal breaker for me; minimizing the app will prevent it.

I have more problems with my two laptops; one 5 years old and one new this year. The older one has less BT range and will not reconnect consistently after I leave range. Definitely as you noted, the newer BT chips are better.

Thank you, everyone. I picked up the S23 Utra with 512 gigs today. So far, it seems like an improvement over my iPhone with connectivity, and if all else fails, that 200mp camera will make up for any other disappointment.