Android One UI version 6.1 with Rexton

Samsung S23 just auto-upgraded Android Version 14 to the new One UI version 6.1. It is supposed to be better with Bluetooth.

It has apparently disconnected most functions of the latest version of the Rexton Software

My firmware version is 29.19.852.2

When I try to link to the app, I can get the battery check to beep 3 times but no percentage displays as before.

I get monaural volume displays in all settings. I can not change to stereo in the app on Automatic. The Bluetooth symbol blinks and it does not link up to the hearing aids when I open and close the battery doors However the phone says it is paired. It does show directional microphone control in the app.

  1. Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Has anyone been able to restore App Function yet?
    Thank you,
    Kings Point

This may not be of help…I have an S23 and Jabra EP 20s and just upgraded to UI 6.1 as well. I had to unpair reboot and repair to see my new functionality. Hope it helps.

Thank you for your answer. It was exactly what I needed. It took several attempts to get it linked, unpairing, pairing, repeat. But it did work eventually.

Cordially, KP75

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