Android EQ/Volume App


I have a moderate-severe loss in the 4-6K range and have trouble hearing calls on my Plantronics bluetooth ear phone when driving in my truck (lots of cab noise). It was suggested that I download an app which will enable me to change EQ settings and increase volume for the bluetooth device. In looking at the options, I see that there are dozens available, if not hundreds. Does anyone have experience with these? If so recommendations would be appreciated! Here are the issues I see when sifting through the reviews:

  1. Many if not most of the reviews appear to be bogus. Either written by those selling/creating the app, or competitors trying to tear it down. These typically make the same boilerplate comments and are written by persons for whom English is clearly a second language.

  2. Some persons say that the apps can blow out speakers if the volume is turned up too high. That seems to be a legitimate concern.

  3. Most of these come with Ads, and some reviewers say that the ads are annoying, impede phone functionality, cause crashes, or even play over the phone when one is streaming audio. I would rather pay for a decent ad-free app than deal with these problems.

  4. Many apps are insecure and simply backdoors for unscrupulous actors who want access to your phone and your data. This is especially true for those that originate in China.

  5. Some people complain that you have to recreate your EQ/volume settings each time you reengage the app. This would get old pretty quickly. It would be nice to find one with the ability to create various profiles depending on your environment or what sort of audio you were listening to.

  6. It appears that some apps seem to be particular about what devices they will work with. Not sure why this would be the case, but I’m usig a OnePlus 6 Android phone with a Plantronics PLT ear phone.

I’m sure there are other issues I am not aware of. Advice or comments, anyone?

Are you wearing hearing aids?

No, I had an appointment at Costco last week and was told I was marginal for them. My hearing is normal up to 4K or so, at which point the right ear drops to 70 db.

I’ve been happy using an app called Neutralizer…