Android app for ReSound LiNX 3D 61 MINI RIC


I received these HA’s through the VA and really like them. However the Android App is awful. It constantly loses connection and if I need to make a program change it’ll take half a minute before the app starts and then reconnects. If I’m in a social setting I just don’t make any adjustment as I don’t want to rudely pull my phone out and wait to make the change.

Maybe I should get used to using just the volume buttons on the HA’s and forget about the app.

I know the HA’s are made for Apple but then why have an Android app? Too bad there aren’t other apps out there or are there?



Agree. The app is rubbish. Check the reviews in the Play Store :wink:



Smart 3D app works pretty well for me with Quattro 961’s, Galaxy Note 8 now running Android Pie, plus using Phone Clip+ and Multi Mic as occasion merits. I allow the app to run in the background and usually have it as a running app screen that I can access through the left button (vertical bars) on Navigation Bar. BT icon does not show on status bar (new Pie “feature”) unless phone is actually connected to another device (other than HA’s) - BT icon shows when notifications pulled down and open from top but the app is very connected to HA’s any time that I open it and in this state, with adaptive power and very few apps allowed to run in background (almost all apps but system apps, texting, e-mailing have to be Sleeping Apps), my Note 8 only draws 0.3% to 0.5% charge consumption per hour in Deep Sleep (which is what it’s doing most of the day) - I prefer to use a computer or Windows tablet for most stuff that I do on a computational device, especially to see things on a 27-inch screen with lots of real estate to have multiple windows open simultaneously. Maybe someday phone to computer communication will be perfected enough just like it’s going with texting now that I’ll be able to control HA’s from computer thru phone - hope so. Avoid having to reach for, find phone, etc.



I have just spend 15 minutes in a restaurant rebooting Bluetooth, phone AND hearing aids in an attempt to get connectivity. At which point my HAs came apart. The app is as shite as the aids. Anyone got a hammer handy?



You haven’t said, at least in this thread, what HA’s, phone, Android version, etc., you’re running. And it’s always possible that something else about your Android setup is screwing your phone up. So it might be more the overall configuration you wandered into - ReSound does have on their website a section for the app where they note that they have tested and found the app to work acceptably well with only certain Android phones - is your phone on the list and running an Android version that they say is compatible?



Jim. Check the reviews on Play Store. It’s clearly not just me. As far as I am concerned we are dealing with the British Leyland of software.



I’m on a Nokia 6.1 with Android Pie but if I go back to the home screen and then open another app in a few minutes the Smart 3D app will disconnect. I wish I could force it to remain open.



I’ve downloaded and run hundreds of Android apps from the Play Store. The reviews are a YMMV thing, often. Even the Play Store reviews are predicated on your device and your Android version. So the fragmentation of Android is the real story - the advantage of Apple is they control both the hardware and the OS, whereas it’s a free-for-all with Android, literally and figuratively… I read the reviews and my own for my Android device and version would be somewhere between 4 and 5 stars. There are a number of things that could be improved but I use far worse apps every day (the Ring app comes to mind as a particularly bloated annoying app that loads slower than molasses in January).



In settings, under Biometrics and Security > Location > Improve Accuracy, do you have Wi-Fi and BT scanning both turned on or off? I have them both turned OFF as I don’t want apps running in the background to override Wi-Fi and BT OFF settings to determine my location independently of my say-so. If you have lots of apps running in the background and they are intermittently using Wi-Fi and BT, this might be a possible source of the ReSound Smart 3D app disconnecting - Google/Samsung’s default setting on installing Android Pie was to turn those two items on and I had to override the suggestion to have them on.

Added Experiment Had Smart 3D running in the background. Launched Google Chrome, Waze, Microsoft Outlook app, The Ultimate ToDo List (paid version a 5-star app!), plus Settings. Played around with Waze map, opened Settings and wandered around and searched. Then used Recent Apps button on Navigation Bar (3 vertical lines |||) to go back to ReSound Smart 3D. As soon as I touched the quickset Noise button, the HA’s suppressed the noise of the running refrigerator. So I didn’t loose any connectivity after 3 or 4 minutes of playing around with other apps.

My phone has a Qualcomm 835 processor, 6 Gb RAM, 64 Gb of internal storage with 38 Gb free. All apps are on internal storage (only photos and videos on SD card), and I’m running the Microsoft Launcher instead of Samsung OneUI or whatever it’s called now. I am currently running the Medium-Power Saving Scheme of Samsung rather than the Optimized power scheme but I haven’t had any connectivity problems with that, either.