Analog phone line streaming to Phonak Marvel aids

I’ve got an analog landline phone line at home. We’ve got an internet-based Ooma connected to this line.

My question is: Is there any device I could connect to this analog line to enable Bluetooth streaming to my Phonak Marvel aids? I have the TV streamer (which works with laptops, TVs, music players). Could that streamer possibly plug into a device that’s connected to an old-fashioned analog phone line?

The topics already posted regarding analog phone lines are dated 2010. Any current solution would be most welcome!

A thought would be to transfer your landline to Skype. Then your landline phone number would be on the computer.

Just a thought.

Ooma is not a landline, it’s a VOIP service. I also have Ooma. In the settings you can have Ooma send calls to both your regular phone and your cell phone. (This is what I do.) You can also buy a landline type phone that has Bluetooth to send to other devices. I know it works to send calls to a cell phone but I can’t answer about your HAs.

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You can can ask your AUD to put a DUO phone program on your HAs, to send the phones signal from one ear to the other like a radio. I use something similar called TWIN phone. It works well for me.

Sounds like you need an adapter like this “Clearsounds IL95 connectivity cable” between your landline phone and tv connector (about $20)

YEP! You got it! This is the exact setup I have. I misstated that about the Ooma. It’s really an internet-based VOIP service as you indicate, and the handsets and base unit are just pieces of hardware to enable me to get phone calls.

I have the Ooma set up to ring both landline and cell phone, but for some reason (could my T-Mobile service be at fault?) it rarely if ever rings the cell phone at all. It just rings the landline number, which can only be answered by the Ooma handset which is (oddly enough!) not bluetooth-enabled or capable of being paired with my Phonak Marvel aids.

THAT is the issue I’d love to resolve. The.Dog, I’m assuming you never need to even use the Ooma handset if you are also able to answer your calls on a cell phone?

AH! If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that a landline phone would be heard in ONE ear, but with the addition of a “duophone” program added to my Marvels, I could possibly get that audio transmitted over to the other hear, thus being able to hear stereophonically?

IF I’ve described this accurately … this could be THE SOLUTION I’m looking for in trying to convert my Ooma VOIP phone to enable stereophonic phone call audio for me.

OWIE it would be a miracle! Now my question for my audi is: Do these Phonak Marvels have a duophone program?

Yep, they do. I checked the specs they are just like mine just a different name.

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Actually, no. I have the Ooma Telo box (which works with pretty much any landline type phone) connected to an RJ11 wall outlet that runs through the house. I have a cordless phone with multiple handsets plugged into that in another room where it’s more convenient. Phone calls ring both the cordless handsets and my cell phone. I pick up whichever is more convenient or my wife might pick up a handset.
My cordless phone does have an older Bluetooth capability but I was never satisfied with how it worked. I’m sure newer models do better if that’s some you want.

The.Dog, with your input here, I surfed up to Amazon and found a Panasonic set that may do the trick. It plugs into a standard, analog phone line, has a headset jack and is Link2Cell Bluetooth - which I actually don’t need cuz my Samsung cell is already paired with my Phonak Marvel aids.

What I’d try is plugging the Phonak TV streamer into the headset jack to see if I could then have streamed calls from the landline. It’s a big IF … but the same streamer works with my TV and laptop. My aids are already paired with it.

I may just pull the trigger and order this Panasonic set to SEE. I would definitely post the results here.

My goal is to have audio streamed INTO the aids in as many listening instants as possible. Granted it won’t work at the summer concert series in town … but streaming landline calls would be a bit of a Holy Grail for me.

Stay tuned …

The idea of the Link2Cell Bluetooth is to answer cell phone calls on the landline phone. If you already have your cell phone paired with your HAs, you can just have Ooma forward all calls to your cell phone: It can still ring your landline phone if you don’t have your cell with you or if someone else is in the house who would answer the phone.

^^^That is true - and exactly what I’ve been doing for a couple years now: having Ooma ring both the landline AND my cell. But since I am much prefer streamed audio, I always answer with my cell phone.

What I’m finding tho, is annoying daily spam calls on my cell now! It’s always some cruise company or hotel offering some scam. I block them daily, but it is annoying.

I also feel that cell phones are a form of “spyware” - oh, not that I have anything to HIDE, but it’s the principle: why make it easy? So I’d like to stop giving out my cell number and give folks the Ooma number (which can also block calls). Does that make sense?

If I can figure out how to get landline audio into BOTH lame ears at once, I’m set. I think I’m close to a solution - IF I can get this - Acoustic Phone with DuoPhone feature. Fingers crossed now …

The other capability of link to cell is that it allows a bluetooth headset to connect, wirelessly, to the phone. In that scenario you would not use the cell phone. It’s either/or, connect a cell phone so you use the Panasonic handset for both landline and cell calls, OR, connect a bluetooth headset to the Panasonic and take landline calls on the headset. Your Marvels would be the headset.