Analog phonak hearing aids - repair?

Hi All,

I have a severe hearing loss (since childhood) and been wearing the picoforte 3 ppcp models for over the last 15 years while trying to switch to digital hearing aids.

Currently very happy with a model thats still working, after having used 6 or 7 other models that died due to broken levers etc.

Who knows someone who could repair these models or transfer some parts from one model to another?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Sander.

In 2018, on the recommendation of someone on this forum, I tried this guy:
I think his name is Thomas Le. Don’t even know if he is still in business, but his website is still there.
He fixed my old Bernafon, I was very happy with his work! And I’m not easy to please.
Good luck getting your analog Phonak repaired.

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Lloyd’s repair analog and digital hearing aids.
Good bunch.

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RJS Acoustics in Vancouver, WA can still repair analog (as well as digital)


Thanks BoCat, very helpful! I’ll reach out to thomas